Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year, New Space

Since I opened the shop in Smicksburg,
I have wanted a work area. 
I have filled it with vendors
left no space to work.

I never thought that the shop
would be as busy as it is
thought that there would be time to fill.

I guess that was a happy surprise.

winter is here
things do slow down a little.
when I had a vendor leaving
in a prime spot  for a workspace.
I took that opportunity
to create a
three month work space
for all those
faithful workers
that help me out so much.

I took advantage of it.

Can't wait to see how each worker uses it!


acorn hollow said...

how wonderful your shop is so busy! You will enjoy the work space.

Sheila said...

Hello Cathy!
It's been far too long since we've visited. I am so happy for you that your shop is doing so well.....I do follow on FB and it's exciting to see what you post from time to time.
You always have multiple projects going so I'm sure you've missed that work space!
Hope the holidays were good to you.
Take care and Happy New Year!

Danice said...

So wonderful that your shop is doing well. That new work space will definitely be helpful. It seems there is never enough space to craft/sew, lol.

TheCrankyCrow said...

It's been a while Cathy....sorry, once again, for my absences, but life just keeps sending me in tailspins. Congratulations on the new shop....and yay on the work area.... So I assume when you say a 3 month area, you will then convert it back to a vendor space?? Beautiful crochet work....that is one art I never really attempted. Wishing you all the best for the new year... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin