Friday, March 31, 2017

Mandala Tutorial

Simple Tools
Sketchbook or Paper
Dollar Store Drafting Tools
(although I am shopping for some better ones)
Sharpie Pen
(or your favorite, that just happens to be mine)

Draw concentric circles
and divide them up.   
This one is at 30% increments
but you can choose, 
just so it is even. 
You will do this lightly with a pencil so that 
it can be erased later. 
Then you just start creating 
Don't worry about a ruler.
In the end the lines will look fine. 
This one is mostly simple straight lines. 
I never have an idea in mind, 
I just wait and see what happens. 
You will make a line and repeat the 
same line the whole way around. 
And remember, it is only paper.

Big rule of thumb with a sketchbook, 
never rip out a page, 
your mistakes could become 

I repeated that same idea in one of the bigger circles. 

Sometimes, I place dots where I want the next lines to go to.

Sometimes I just trace the circle lines. 

This one is one I really didn't like a few weeks ago.
Now I am tweaking it and starting to like it. 

And you can always color them! 
Try it! 
They are fun! 


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