Friday, March 3, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Leaving for vacation there is always so much to do.
Sometimes I wonder why we even go,
but a huge recharge is greatly needed this time of year.
So, I make lists,
try my best to get them finished.
Some got done,
some didn't,
but today we leave.

As a side note, the ground is covered with snow here this morning
that makes it very easy to leave!
Florida Bound.
But first,
the highlights of the last couple of days!

Prescriptions filled,
sounds as though we are on top of this
the bottle flip challenge.
Really anything will do and every morning, Logan
finds something in my kitchen to bottle flip.
I thought my blood pressure pills looked harmless,
I mean way better than some of the glass bottles
I have grabbed from him mid flip.
it hit the ceiling
knocked down the artfully arranged corks I have on that ceiling
broke all of the chalky pills inside.
Suppose anyone will understand when I say at the airport,
"But sir, that white powder really is my
blood pressure medicine!

As a preface to this and in my defense,
I had the list made a week ahead of time.
Last Friday,
I got whacked hard and fast with strep throat and the flu.
We are talking delirious and down!
So three days of my list went away,

And now it is Wednesday,
and I am tackling the list.

I had a four year old that wanted to see the groundhog,
but that is great because I have a town list
a Punxsutawney list.
Off we go.
Somewhere about halfway into this
he asks
where the "fox" will be,
Kamden, it's a groundhog!
I realize I have no gas in my car.  
Halfway no gas station for 10 miles either way...
which way to turn,
home where I know people along the way should
I embarrassingly get stranded or
ahead where there are lots of Amish, no phones and no cell service?
Living on the edge, forward we go in the pouring rain.
And we pull into the first gas station
which is nothing short of a
third world nation parking lot.
Seriously, I have seen better gas stations in Haiti!
I would rather be stranded...
we find a gas station,
Kamden wants to know when he gets to see the "rat".
Kamden, it's a groundhog!
Errand one.
Errand two.
Standing in the rain and can't find the location of
Errand three.
Pouring rain...
Errand four.
Frank's Star Lunch
(If you are ever in Punxsutawney, make sure you grab a meal or a snack there, cool little place!)
We sit down to eat and I grab the malt vinegar
for my fries
when Kamden loudly announces that
"is for only adults"
Apparently, someone has been having a beer in restaurants with the kids!
I shush him and he actually likes vinegar on his fries!
Kamden says that was a really cool raccoon.
Kamden, it's a groundhog!
The kid is messing with me!

Time Works
Advertising map that I have been working on.
Painting Classes

Oh my gosh, I forgot to book the ventriloquist for the Lions dinner! 

In the middle of booking the ventriloquist...I realized that I had
booked a painting class on the same night
as the banquet...
Scramble to change that...
and all the messages that come with it.

Gravel, the gravel company is out...
mud for a little longer.

Messages from all the above.
don't forget...

Time Works was inspected
by the
Department of Labor and Industry.

How in the world did the government find Smicksburg?
I mean Wi-Fi just recently found the town!
Sewage has not yet.
Public water service has not yet.
Cell phone service has not yet.

I am giving our government some major credit here! 

I feel like my head is going to spin off my head!
Thursday arrived with no power in Smicksburg.
Oh yes, reliable electric has yet to find Smicksburg....

Finally power....
Facebook posts made for the next week
I am off to town for the items that
I needed when Kamden was wore out from his adventures
and fell asleep before I could finish,
but wait,
the credit card machine won't balance. 
Another call.

So here it is Friday morning and
my head is wrapped in a smelly concoction
and covered with plastic.  

Really, I should be ready shortly! 

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Tins and Treasures said...

Good evening, Cathy,
You certainly know how to stay busy...very, very busy! Enjoy what's left of the weekend. Take care, ~Natalie