Monday, April 17, 2017

Gypsy Curtains

Still trying to decorate 
with minimal purchasing, 
I find myself on Pinterest
I had these scarves, 
some from an auction 
some had been 
mother in law's.

Gypsy Curtains! 

The quilt above was made for me by my grandmother, 
more than a few years ago. 
59 to be exact. 

The quilt below was made by my aunt
that passed away earlier this year. 

Since there will obviously be no cooking in this kitchen, 
a quilt will be fine! 

kindly offered to look for a stove for me....

Until I kindly explained that I really
don't use the stove that I have now, 
so why get another one. 

So camp for me will be stove less
television free!  



Nancy said...

Oh, but wouldn't an old cookstove be cool, just for looks?!

Nancy said...

Oh!! And the curtains are genius!

Ann Thompson said...

Love your gypsy curtains. What a great idea