Saturday, April 15, 2017

Moving right along

Camp Two Doors Down 
moving right along. 

I am not sure that this old body is keeping up though.
Every part of my body is screaming! 

It is screaming,
"You idiot, do you think you are 30 again?"

One more room to finish painting...for now
then some scrubbing and decorating
the big move of all my paints! 
and brushes
and supplies
and clutter.

Well, lets be honest,
borderline hoard. 

When I opened the shed, I found this beauty! 
It will be my basecoat and varnish station. 
Can't wait to get it moved. 


Found this mount in the upstairs bedroom,
because really, 
no camp in Pennsylvania is complete
without deer antlers. 

And this beauty is going to hang in the
purple hallway.
This is one of the first, if maybe not the first
quilt that my mother made. 
It was on my bed
more than a few years ago, 
Sewing rings for hanging on the back this morning,
can't wait to see it hanging there! 

And what is the rush to get this all done?
Or presentable?

Jennifer has booked a Mary Kay party at 
the camp!  

I have two weeks! 


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Wonderful ideas you have! Love the quilt!
Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Easter!


Ann said...

I hate it when my mind thinks I'm 30 but my body reminds me I'm much older than that. It sounds like you are making great progress