Monday, April 17, 2017

One Week

Actually is was less than a week, 
when I took leave of my senses, 
got tons of visions of having a
perhaps somewhere along the line
my mind forgot my age
sent me on a tailspin
that made every 
place in my body hurt. 

A place to work all my own.
A place where you can break 
all decorating rules,
and perhaps a few CLEANING rules, 
it is well worth the pain! 

Check out this throwaway cupboard. 
The first pic is the color I am headed for,
but the red needs touched up first. 
This will be my paint table
for the time being. 
I love the big window
all the light! 

Still tweaking the living room.
That couch is just not comfortable
so I am trying just pillows on the back
instead of the cushions. 
I think it is helping.  

Now to cover the pillows. 

This workspace is going to be prepping and finishing
but right now it is still holding tools. 
the picture of the dining room disappeared. 
Some pennants in the entry way. 
I think I am going to paint this desk white
at some point. 

Less than a week, 
four rooms painted, most of the windows
and woodwork washed, 
I think I am ready to start moving paints and brushes!  


Ann said...

It's looking good. With the exception of the pain, it sounds like fun getting it all put together too

Catherine Holman said...

Looks great! I'm working on my paint room soon. Everyone needs a room like this to be creative in.