Coolspring Engine Show
You know how you don't always take advantage of
what is close to home?
Ok, I am guilty!
What a great event
even if you are not into engines!
My dad seemed to love it!
Mom, maybe not so much!

I seriously would love this for a new Time Works vehicle!
Pretty sure that is not in the budget!
It was one of my crazy, confusing days.
Full of family
shop confusion
shirt printing

With a shot of
the van needs power steering fluid
the van needs new tires
where are the pics of the new next van I am trying to buy?
let's buy an antique washer for a friend
and try to find someone with space in their vehicle to deliver it.

And then it looked like rain
I power walked to get the vehicle
did a 50 yard dash at the end
a cup of butter pecan ice cream
in my hand
to get to the car before I got soaked.
Let me tell you,
it has been a long time since I did a
50 yard dash
and there has been way too much ice cream
in between them!

pick up the van,
stop and get flowers for the planters at the church
deliver an order of shirts
drive through McDonalds,
get a smoothie
(at least I learn from my mistakes)
go to church
plant the planters,
unload the vbs stuff
realize I have forgotten the screws
and stars
frantic phone calls
run to Busy Beaver for screws
(no I don't have your rewards card,
no I don't want your rewards card)
dash back out
stars arrive
set up the room
with the help of some amazing friends
go to church. 
Honestly, I smelled of compost and sweat.
Seriously, some people sat down beside me and left! 
I am going with
"They spotted their friends!"
At that point
after a hectic day,
it was so nice to sit and worship and rest
that I truly didn't care what I looked like
smelled like.
It was just so nice to sit and hear the
message and the music...

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will  give you rest.

Matthew 11:28
And today I am off!
This is one of the projects that I have in my mind to work on! 
I have a fun idea for it!
I want to go to camp and spend the day,
creating and painting

I will let you know how that all works out!


Ann said…
I'm a bit exhausted just reading about doing all of that