Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Told You!

This pic is a preview of my new ride...
more on that later!
This week was survival.
It has been a couple of years since I have helped with
Vacation Bible School.
I thought things had settled down enough finally to help again.
It was fun. 
I was not in charge of anything and that helps
ease the workload.
All those people that are a huge part of planning
Vacation Bible Schools
deserve a special thank-you!
What a great calling to bring the Word of God
to all those little minds!
These guys enjoyed it!
So now to the "I Told You So" moment.
Around the first of the year I noticed
that my car was not running right
was seriously using gas
had a hot smell to it.
I kept mentioning it to JWS
who would give me a lecture on my driving skills.
Blah, blah blah ba ba. 
(you know how the adults sound on Charlie Brown)
Would he please just smell it?
It smells like brakes.
It is getting like 17mpg.
Down from 30 something mpg.
So, in March I take it to the mechanic.
I explain all this.
Tell him that the back up beeper is not working.
It smells like brakes.
You have to push it to make it go....
(Well it is just a 4 cylinder....)
I seriously want to scream!
I get it back.
The back up beeper still does not work.
(He said it worked fine for him)
there is nothing wrong with the brakes.
It still smells hot.
It is seriously sucking gas. 
Keep in mind this was March.
My dad drove it, said it was fine.
John drove it, said it was fine.
My friends....all women commented on the hot brake smell.
So yesterday...
after at least
more lectures on my driving skills.
I drive too aggressive.
I should not have bought a four cylinder.
I should have bought a bigger car.
I use the brakes too much.
Blah blah BLAH!
And that was the final straw.
I said LOUDLY.
"There is no
 this car is seriously like the
Hooterville Highway
Cedar Point.
Like the bumper cars at the carnival,
like the lawn tractor.
If you are not pushing on the gas it stops.
I used $35 worth of gas to go to my Mom and Dad's house,
It literally stops going downhill"
So, I had shirts to deliver at the car sales where
bought the car.  
I snagged one of the nice young men that work there
made him take my car for a ride.
He noticed a problem.
The brakes are locked up! 
Honestly, I could have hugged him! 
That might have been
inappropriate though.
He has to be an awesome husband.
He should give classes!!! 
Because he listened!
He still says I need driving lessons.
I am signing him up for classes!
And the mechanic from March...
I am signing him up also.

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Joanne Domire said...

😂😂😂 I can relate! Love reading your blog!