Thursday, June 22, 2017

One Day

So, this is how the morning started.
Yes, that is 7 AM
and those kids are outside in pajamas.
Funny, how I would have never let my own kids do that!


pick up basketball game
some scooter and bike riding,
all before 8 AM.

That is the earliest Papa
has gone to work in a long time.

Wonder why?
I did manage to squeeze in some creative time before they all woke up!

Some restocking and cleaning up at Mimi's

Resin on the penny table.

Some wheeling and dealing
I have another vehicle lined up.
More on that later!

Almost finished with the cedar chest I have been working on!
Bible School.
I was down to two kids last night.
They are tired. 
They are all double timing VBS. 
One in the morning and one in the evening.
So far I have managed to make it through with
only a small incident of a dead battery.
So far.
Two days to go!

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