Thursday, June 29, 2017

She Needs A Name.

OK, so I bought this
from these pics.
I didn't go and look first,
just bought.  
To be fair,
JWS encouraged me.
The man who can see no potential in
junk furniture,
was excited.
I tried to harness his enthusiasm,
and for awhile I did,
but it waned as soon as I got in it to drive it home.
What was I thinking?

I mean, the back of my shop t-shirts say
For the Love of Junk.
Reuse - Repurpose - Reimagine
I was not feeling the love here.

I like all the retro look.
I like the low mileage,
I even like the old shape of it.

But this? 
I did not like.
So I ripped and tore and scraped
and hurt my knees
choked from the cleaner
scraped some more.
Then I scrubbed
we patched
and painted.
John is using phrases like
listen to that motor purr
we are going to "trick this out"
His TV watching fluctuates
Gas Monkeys
Carnival Eats.
At least this is not fattening.
So, it is looking better
I am formulating plans of
"Tricking it out"
after JWS suggests that I go
Pee Interest
and look for ideas.

For now,
this is my solution
for some of the issues.
Bluetooth speaker
battery diffuser
spewing peppermint oil
to rid the smell.

Now on to the fun stuff,
'cause you know there has to be a serious hiccup
in there somewhere.

When we went to get the van,
I met a vendor there and picked up some of her stuff
to take to my shop.
Loaded it in the back of the pick-up
with the intentions of moving it to the van.
We never moved it
and I took the truck to Smicksburg yesterday
to unload it.
That is when I
backed into the handrail of the porch
with the truck and
did quite a bit of damage to the truck.
I am sick.
I think that I will just take care of everything
take it to the body shop
before I tell him.
That is when the tailgate falls off
I have to call JWS to tell him what I did.
To his credit,
he laughs.
I am still not seeing the humor in all this.
So the estimate is for a new tailgate, bumper and fender.
I am wondering how I did all that damage
when he informs me that he backed it into
a friends mailbox a few months
ago and did part of that.

He then assures me that he didn't pick me
for my
driving skills.
Apparently his are somewhat the same.

The most of the rest of the day
was filled with more
than you can imagine.
I have the bruises to prove it.
In my haste to get ready to pick up my car
get to Kendall's game
picked up my hairbrush
a pair of manicure scissors
that were resting on it,
flew up and hit me in the forehead.

Thank goodness it wasn't an inch lower
and in my eye! 
It always could be worse.

Good news of the day....
My car is running very well.
After six months of the brakes being stuck, it now has power again!

Well, off to
Pee Interest
to get some ideas for the van!
to think of a name.

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