Thursday, June 15, 2017

Slow down

Life has been chaotic.

I realized it was time to slow down.
Nothing better than hanging clothes on the line
enjoying watching them flap in the breeze
loving the smell of them!

I stopped to look in my car.
Running and racing,
the evidence was there.

I had to write it down.
I couldn't remember it all otherwise!
Here goes!
One dead plant
Two pool noodles
One roaster
One tent cover
A can of chalk paint
A bottle of perfume
Two 2 gallon galvanized buckets
A tote bag with my work shoes in it
A cobbler's shoe form
A set of pink depression glass cream and sugar set
Two rolls of toilet paper
A vinyl tablecloth



charlotte fletcher@roma land woodcrafts said... poor car becomes a catch-all...each time I open the door to throw away those stupid fliers from the mail, Charcoal jumps in, and well, then, that is a whole other story! ;)

Ann Thompson said...

I don't have any of those things in my car I do however have a dead plant in my basement