Impromptu Sleepover

This is what my house looked like this morning.
At one point in life,
I had these grand plans of creating this wonderful
kid's bedroom.
Oh, I pinned and planned.
But really,
they would rather sleep on the floor in piles of blankets.
the day started out with two.
Just to swim.
Of course, the ones that own the pool would be there,
making four.
Then we were to go to Kendall's game
Rural Valley
and then take the two home.
Logan decided to go to the game with us.
The game was moved to Indiana,
30 miles away.
We load up.
And stand and sit in the rain.
The game is over at ten.
Somewhere in there
not to be left out of a party,
announces he is staying with
Mommy Mamaw
And then Logan decides he is staying also.
Before bed,
Garren and Kamden
discussing life
over banana popsicles.

By eleven the giggling was over and they were out,
Tyler showed up in pajamas.
dragging his blanket
for breakfast.

What a fun night!
The best events!

Oh and why the first two did not go home?
Mommy and Daddy,
coming home from California
got stuck in Philadelphia
thanks to our
"highly efficient "
air travel system!
Swimming earlier in the day.