Friday, August 11, 2017

Eight Shirts

That's what I need to get through this week. 
I order eight new ones and stack them up. 
When they are gone this marathon week is over. 
You see, tomorrow starts 
Dayton Fair Week. 
Otherwise known as 
Will you still be standing when this is over? 
Sometimes the prep is worse than the actual week. 
here is how today went. 

Let's back up to two days ago 
The Injury.
John did something to his leg, 
which threw us into 
lost day at the ER
and a huge upheaval of what we had planned. 
You know the saying
When we plan, God laughs. 
So today. 
When the injury happened, 
the hot tub was empty. 
It needed cleaned.. 
That was yesterday.
I cleaned it, 
in the morning, 
and it was a cold job. 

Apparently, I didn't get the filter put back together right. 
Which brings us to this morning. 
It was empty
at that point we were not sure that the pumps 
had not been damaged. 
So I start refilling, 
I set the timer on my phone so that in the event
that my day goes awry
I don't come home at ten tonight to a flooded 
neighborhood and a huge water bill. 
and I go to work. 
I have to open the shop 
meet the UPS man 
and put roasters of pork on at the fair
Somewhere in there I managed to check the 
hot tub and no damage done. 
At work, 
three calls from the boys. 
Logan won't get ready, 
Logan won't get ready
and then 
Logan calls. 
"My tooth broke again (see previous post) 
and I can't walk to the shop with a broken tooth" 
Back in the truck to go and get the boys. 
( I have been driving the truck since the injury, 
it is the only vehicle that I can get the patient in" 

Sausage delivery
Several hundred pounds put away. 

Unhappy people at the fairgrounds over silly stuff. 

Did I mention that the patient is not happy either today? 

Then the saga of the medical records that the hospital might have 
sent to the doctors office 
you could actually get a real person on the phone. 
I finally get a real person 
after five phone calls
and she assures me that she sent them to the doctor
I assumed that was a lie to get me off the phone
because I hadn't called for them 
until today. 

We leave for the doctor after 
we lose the crutches
manage to stop at a convenience store for 
a snack/lunch 
and that is when I realize that my debit card has expired 
and I never got a new one. 

That problem is not solved yet. 

But the laugh of the day occured later. 
Home from the doctor, 
closed the shop in Smicksburg
head to Genesis to do some 
paperwork for the fair
and then to the house to get a paintbrush
when I see the boys in the yard looking at something

When I inquire, they tell me it is a ground mole. 
Logan has a golf club ready to "take care" of it. 
Tyler wants to shelter it. 
I am siding for Logan. 
They have become a nuisance this year. 
Logan finally whacks it and kills it quick. 
Tyler runs to the porch devastated. 
Logan bends over to examine his kill and says, 
"Hey are those balls on that thing?"


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