Saturday, August 26, 2017

Next Project - Van Floor Tutorial

Ok, this was Pinterest Inspired because,
yes, you can learn anything on Pinterest.
I don't have the link, but let me tell you,
in true "nailed it" fashion, this was a bit harder than
it looked.

Part of the issues were from the fact that I was
on serious "fairlag"  (as one of my friends put it)
Similar to jetlag apparently.

But JWS was determined it needed done
that day!  
And honestly,
he is way more in love with Wilma (the van)
than I am!

So I made the pattern with the insulation.
Did I mention that I have been struggling with
vertigo on and off for several weeks.
This did not help the situation.

Then we pulled the pattern out and laid it on the
garage floor on the plywood.
Easy Peasy.
Well, not exactly.
The pattern bends and twists,
the plywood, not so much.
It took a little messing around...
well actually it took some more power tools,
big hammers, smashed fingers, a lot of sweat
and maybe a bad word thrown in.
But it is in and wow, is it quieter!
Now for walls!
and carpet,
and some paint inside,
and the rest of the letters off of the outside,
relettered for the shop,
and seats cleaned....
I did not want another project!

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Tins and Treasures said...

Good afternoon,
Love your line "you can learn anything on pinterest". Right?!

That was a big project, but with your talent, I'm sure it turned out awesome.

I hope this finds you well. ~Natalie