Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We actually had our Thankgiving last night. It is a tradition that we started as a new, blended family that has worked really well. The kids and their families all come here on Wednesday night and that frees them up for the other parents and in-laws on the actual holiday. When they are all together and having fun it makes me very thankful that they all get along and that we are able to have holidays as a family. We had a great evening of eating and of course playing with the kids. Holidays are so much more fun with these little ones around. The only pic that I was able to get of the three of them was in the tub together. They just don't sit still long enough. This was the end of the night at Grammies and Tyler thought that they all needed a bath, needless to say we were all soaked and my bathroom floor is clean once again and I have a whole load of towels to wash.
I was hit with some cold and flu bug on Monday so I am way behind in my 30 day craft challenge. Hubby is leaving for camp in the morning so I have the whole weekend to catch up. Wonder if I can do it?
I hope that everyone has a great holiday today and that at some time during the day you take the time to Count Your Blessings!


Karen said…
Oh what a great tradition...I like that.
It's no different than families celebrating Christmas Eve the same way.
Our children are with their in-laws on Christmas Eve and then are here on Christmas day. Works out great.
ADORABLE PICTURE....gotta love the innocence of children. Precious photo.