And now for the quiet

On Friday morning, the day that we celebrated Christmas, I finally finished these stocking that I had been working on. They were a bit of a challenge for me, and my sewing machine broke in the middle of them and had to be torn apart. No one could have been more surprised than me when I put it back together (the third time) and it worked. We had a fun, crazy Christmas full of lots of noise and too much food. I love having all the kids together at once. For as close as we all live, it does not happen that often.

I look forward to January and February more and more each year. The shop is slower and there is more time to stay at home and nest/rest. I have tons of projects that I want to do and a few that I need to do. Mostly I like the rest and break from the busy time of the year which for us is March through December.
This is a pic of my daughters and stepdaughters on Christmas Day in a break from being a rock band. What fun that game was for them...I just don't have the coordination for it.
I have so much to be thankful for this year and I count my blessings daily for all the big ones, but I would like to also list some little ones that happened the last few weeks.
1. A good haircut, thanks Bryan, I am sure that you are back in the warmth and sunshine if you are reading this! Wish you could come back in six weeks!
2. A 25 cent sale at Goodwill two days before Christmas when I ran in before dinner with friends and came out with four bags of wool! What a find!
3. A gift of warm knee socks that I have been looking everywhere for...thanks Tina!
4. Finding the "green" scarves of recycled plastic bottle yarn from Natalie over at Tins and Treasures. The girls loved them! Thanks Natalie, I love mine also.
Tomorrow is John's 50th birthday. Now we are both "in our 50's" and I am so glad that he is now getting the AARP envelopes also. He can't make fun of me any more. He wants to spend it at home watching the Steelers, of course.


Your stockings turned out very cute...that is so frustrating when the machine won't cooperate. Great picture of your girls. It is so fun to have them in the house again.
I'm glad the girls like the scarves. I'm knitting one with the blue and purple together now.
Yeah, the AARP envelope..that was a shocker when I got my first one!
Happy New Year, Natalie
Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by!
Laurie said…
You've quite the talent, I love the little stockings! And the hats are turning out great! Glad your machine is working, that would be like losing my dishwasher! I can't be without it. What's a penny rug!? Happy New Year, I think I got everything in I wanted to say!!Laurie