Ok, so I am addicted!

First of all, here is the princess in her sweater, it did not fit quite right, but I learned so much making it. Poor little thing, she is sick with a cold right now and the little boys are both sick also. Hope that all didn't happen at Grammie's house last Saturday night? I am totally, over the top, addicted to knitting! I found this book at the library and am reading it, nothing like adding a little knitting to your devotion time in the AM!
Then I found this self-help for knitter's book in the craft section at the library...very helpful although is does not show you how to knit and run the sweeper or fold laundry. Maybe I should write that book....as soon as I figure out how to do it.

This is my new item to feed the addiction, SOCKS!...or as in this case, SOCK! This has been another learning experience and while I have been working on it I am seeing striped socks and cable socks (not that I have a clue how to make a cable stitch) baby socks and hunting socks for the big boys (my husband says don't bother they won't wear them...how rude!) and primitive stockings for hanging on the mantle and little tiny tree ornament socks all felted and fuzzy. I am way ahead of myself though because I have been working on this one since Monday! The next one will go faster though, right? Please just tell me yes!

And of course I have to keep the dishcloths rolling. I have given them to all of my family now, some have received two, and now I have them on the counter at our business and have been giving them to customers.

Now for today, I HAVE to clean, HAVE to! and I HAVE to finish a few of the items on my list that I plan to have done for March 17th. and I HAVE to do the laundry, and I HAVE to do some cleaning up in the yard...AFTER the next cup of coffee and a few more rows on the sock!


Ann said…
Cathy, keep telling yourself "this is a good addiction". Whenever I start a new craft I have to make the statement for DH to hear "I could be going to bars!" He just laughs because he knows this is the farthest thing from my mind. He doesn't even roll his eyes anymore. I guess after 20 years of marriage he knows that I'm addicted to my crafting and just rolls with the flow. Hope the little ones feel better. We've been lucky this year not to get anything (amazing with 4 out of the 5 of us in school buildings all day!) Have a good weekend. ~Ann
I think your doing great on your knitting:) I'll be waiting to see prim knitted stockings for Christmas:)Hope the grandkids are feeling better:)
pammyjo said…
You never cease to amaze me. Your knitting is looking wonderful. You have a real gift for creating. Ahh...sad little cold face, is such a doll baby. Have a great weekend.
Holly said…
I'm always inspired by your motivation Cathy! I really enjoy your blog!

I love the metal boards from your Etsy! Thank you!