An amazing weekend with friends

PRICELESS! As they would say in the Mastercard commercial. That is what we had. It was so much fun to get together with these amazing friends that I have been blessed with via the internet. Who would have thought that such a bond could have been created on a computer. I'd like you to meet them. From left to right, Kathy, from Manitoba, Becky from Maine, Linda from Quebec (Punxsutawney Phil, honorary member for the photo op) Lesley from Ontario, Patti from Wisconsin, and me! We were missing Marie, hopefully at our next gathering she will be present also. We shopped and talked and crafted and of course, we ATE! My dear husband acted as the Chief Cook and Bottlewasher for the weekend and I am truly grateful to him for that, it allowed me to relax and enjoy my all too short time with these terrific ladies! Wish that it could have been longer, but if it had we would have had to build some sleep into the weekend, I don't think that I am caught up yet.

I have lots of catching up to do on everyone's blogs and lot of catching up and more photos to share on mine. Back to regular life now, I am almost back to normal from the surgery, still just get a little tired and sore in the evenings. I have a shower to plan though and a new grandbaby that needs her room decorated before her arrival in June.


Cindy said…
What a great weekend! Well, it's Thursday now, that must have a heckuva weekend! Teehee. What a wonderful husband you have, I do not know one man personally that would take on that.....most would hide to the man cave or workshop to stay out of the way!!!
Colleen said…
I envy you with your friends! What fun! Anxious to see your next blog.

Try to get some rest.
John is a great guy! Super cook and has the patience of a saint, to put up with all of us women! lol Cathy, thanks again for a great weekend. I think I am finally caught up on my sleep as well, I do however miss the clip clop of the buggies out side my window.
Linda CCC said…
The five days were wonderful because we had the greatest hosts who took care of us, fed us, and ferried us to crafts stores, flea markets, antique stores, and back and forth to the airport. Plus they fed us (John is a great cook!) and put us up and even gave me a piece of luggage so I could bring home my flea market finds. What more could you ask for? We are blessed to know Cathy and John.
Meggie said…
I recognize that spot in Punxy! What a fun place! You ladies look to be having a great time indeed. Some of the ladies came quite a ways...what a special reunion. Happy Mother's Day!
Ah ! I missed it ! Would have loved to have met all of you ! I am only 15 minutes away, more or less by way of going thru Troutville and Luthersburg , Big Run and Rockton.. the back roads !

You had great weather for a gathering !

Hmm..any antique stores I don't know about around there ?

Did you take them to Smicksburg ?
And to Brookville ?
Is that little tiny antique store across the street from the Rite Aid in Punxsy still open ?