Quilts from a non-quilter

If you are a quilter, do not scrutinize these photos...please! If you are not a quilter you are free to ooohh and aaahh! (Anyone else think of those monkeys on Playhouse Disney when you hear oooh and aaahh?) Guess you have to have little ones around. I started these quilts/bedspreads for the boys and have been fitting in a little time here and there to work on them. I am not a quilter and I am sure that I am probably breaking every rule and have been just putting them together in my mind as I go. In my mind they are way closer to finished than they actually are.
This pieced border is going to be 12" wide and then I want to put another solid border around that, maybe red, and then another narrow pieced border and then finish it to the size needed with sashing. If any of you quilters have suggestions, I am completely open to any thoughts on them, PLEASE!
It has been a hectic week again at our house:
My daughter's father in law was in a very serious accident on Tuesday morning, we are all so thankful that he is going to be ok, and so thankful for the many prayers that were with their family this week.
We were blessed with a visit from Faith, what an amazing young woman following God's leading in her life. She is a New Tribes missionary in training and, Lord willing, heading to the Philippines next year. She was so helpful to us around here with both work and the one day that I kept Kendall. We wish that she would have stayed longer. How God sends you just what you need!
Two big project items completed this week, the tables and the fair landscaping!
While it is truly not important in the big picture of things, I once again have a good haircut! Bryan is back! Bryan has cut my hair off and on for many years and his magic fingers never give me a bad haircut! He was off on a little year long jaunt and now he is back and my hair is nice again...well as nice as it can be. He truly can work magic!
Shawnee and I are off today to Conneaut Lake Park. It is a small. old fashioned amusement park that I went to when I was little and I took my kids to many times. We have been planning this for weeks and I can't wait to enjoy it through Gracelyn's eyes.


Suzanne said…
I'm not really a quilter, but those bedspreads are wonderful. Those are two lucky little boys! Loved your other comments too. Good to hear about your daughter's father-in-law. Hope he continues to improve. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog this morning.
Balisha said…
What a nice project. I wouldn't know that you aren't a quilter. They look wonderful and the kids will love them.
The quilts are great! I love the sports theme. I'll say a prayer for your daughter's father in law.