I love to trade!!

Cathy, who spells her name the same as mine and also lives is Pa, took a serious liking to the train case that I had painted. I offered to trade it for one of her beautiful items and hinted that I loved her blueberries and she sent this to me. Now I had planned to have it in my sewing room, but it is just so pretty that I think it is going to stay right on my end table for now. It is perfect for all that floss that is laying everywhere on the table right now and all the needles and pins also. Thanks so much, Cathy! And then she also sent these pillows to me! What a surprise! They are the start of my fall decorating and are tucked into the items on the hearth. I love them! They are so detailed.

To see more of her items, go to http://cathspennies.blogspot.com/ I am still not sure how you gals make that clickable, but if someone wants to give me a computer lesson, please let me know.

These are a few more items that I am working on for the open house. I love those little canvases from Michaels. They are in the kids section and are $1 each. I need to get some more of those. They are finished on the sides, no staples. Great surface for painting and inexpensive.


Well girl you really racked up!!! I love it all but those pillows are awesome. I gotta check out Cathy's items!!

Love your pumpkins paintings too! If it's not paint by number, you probably won't see anything like that from me!!! LOL!!!
Dawn said…
To be able to paint like you!!Wow, one of my dreams. You are very very good.
Suzanne said…
Oh, my goodness. I, too, love those blueberries and those pillows are gorgeous! I'm heading over to check out her other creations. (Your pumpkins are adorable too!) ;o)
Very fantastic swap and your paintings are wonderful:)
Laurie said…
What a great swap you made! Love the blueberry, and your paintings as always are wonderful!
Lesley said…
Wow everything is so nice, love those pillows. I know exactly where you put them....:)
Those blueberries are just awesome, look so real.
Again your painting is just wonderful, I have been doing a lot more brush blending thanks to you.
You're very welcome, Cathy! I told you I would do just about ANYTHING to get that traincase from you.
Thanks for the tip about the little canvases at Michaels. My daughter, Jen wants to start painting again and I think that's probaly just the size that she's looking for.
Cathy :)