And they are done!

These quilts turned into one of my biggest projects in a long time.

Step 1: Jenn looks up comforts online and tells me that the price.
Step 2: Me: Let's just go buy fabric to match the room and I'll just make nice 5" squares and Mom and I will put them together in a day and we'll tie them and they will be nicer than anything you can buy and they'll match the room and they won't be any more money and I can even make you curtains. It will all be done in a week. (that was sometime when the weather was warm...can't tell you when)
Step 3: Buy the fabric, hey I blogged that, maybe I can tell when I started them. Anyway the total for the fabric was a little more than they would have cost ready made, buy hey, these will be nicer and you will have curtains to match.
Step 4: Maybe I'll make the center with something a little nicer than just blocks, what about their names?
Step 5: Well, I've already put so much work into that, let's do something a little fancier around the edges and experiment with some different ideas.
Step 6: Whoops, not enough fabric, back to the fabric store.
Step 7: Sew, Sew, Sew some more and wait, I think that tops are done.
Step 8: This has been way too much work to just tie them now, but if I was to quilt them, I am sure they will have graduated high school before I can get them done, so off the to the machine quilters, roughly a 175 mile round trip.
Step 9: We are not even going to talk about what that cost.
Step 10: Back to the fabric store for more fabric for the binding..oh yeah we forgot the step of going to JoAnn's for the batting.
Step 11: My Mom, the binding wizard arrives in the middle of all our trauma in the last few weeks and makes and sews the binding on and adds about 90,000 pins to hold it in place for me to handsew it.
Step 12: Remove about 45,000 of the pins and hand sew around all four sides of these. That has been my project for about the last week, Everytime I have a few minutes or right before I collapse from exhaustion, I have sewed and sewed and sewed some more.

Now for delivery! I am so glad they are finished. I hope that they keep little boys warm and snuggly.
What can I do for the little girls now?
My MIL was moved to Health South on Monday night. It is a short term rehab place and really nice. She is doing well and getting stronger every day. For right now, her kidneys have reversed and she does not need dialysis. The docs said that there was only a 20% chance of that happening. We have seen so many answers to prayer through all of this and have appreciated so much those that have taken the time to pray!


By far, they are better than ANYTHING you could have purchased. They are wonderful. The quilting work on it is wonderful too ... well worth the $$ that you paid, I'm sure.
So glad to know that you MIL is doing better.
Deborah said…
Your quilts are very beautiful!!! What lucky little boys. They are truly priceless. Great Job! And so glad your MIL is better. I believe prayer changes everything.
Thank God on your MIL!! HE is so Good!
Now your quilts are gorgeous!! you did a fantastic job on them I know the boys will love them!!:0)