Playing in the dirt and stones

A little over a week ago it looked like this I thought it would take all summer to get it back. Last night with the help of that backhoe that you see in the background of this pic, John and I managed to get it back this far. I have MORE blisters. My summer hands have had too long of a rest! And thanks to the guys that dug it up to begin with, the path was not so hard to put back together. The rock wall was a bit of a challenge, but I persevered. This is my little kitchen garden. It is right under my kitchen window and I plant fresh herbs, you can barely see the perennial chives and sage and thyme that are already growing there and managed to survive the beating that they took. A tomato plant, some onions and a few pepper plants and it makes the perfect size, manageable garden for me. Now to plant some grass!
When I hit the chair last night, I finally managed to finish this penny rug. Not sure who it is for, it is going in the Christmas bin.

And a few more stitches in the I Spy quilt and I was nodding off.

Not before I got the call from my daughter that solved a mystery around here. You see, I just lost my second set of keys. The first set disappeared right around Christmas, no big surprise there, working extra hours, preparations for the holidays, the first bout of bronchitis of the winter, a set of keys? minor. Still where could they have gone to? Finally I got them replaced, well at least most of them and last Thursday, I had them and Friday I didn't. Searched EVERYWHERE! Frustrating. Thursday, I also had Logan and Gracelyn for awhile. (Remember the camera incident a few months ago when I lost my camera? ) I thought maybe I was seeing a pattern here, but who wants to put the blame on two two-year-olds, but still? Last night Shawnee called me and said that she saw Gracelyn playing with a set of keys and when they checked closer, they were MINE! Gracelyn insists that they are Aunt Shelby's and of course she is not forthcoming with any other info right now, but it makes me wonder now where the first set went and gives me justification for not being as scatterbrained as I might seem.
Off to cut up some wool. The Goodwill closest to me has racks and racks of 29 cent clothing. I always manage to find wool on those racks. Yesterday's haul, when I slid in there while delivering for work, was five jackets. I don't like to cut up jackets, there is not much wool in them for the work but TWENTY NINE CENTS? Couldn't leave them there.


Laurie said…
Oh I love your kitchen garden, Cathy, your blisters paid off! Glad you found your keys, or should I say they found you, have a great day!!
Tami said…
Love your stone surrounded herb garden. Gorgoeus penny rug. Children love to collect those little keys...LOL!
Drama Queen said…
Just found your blog - looks great! Love the stone wall - and I always admire women who are crafty, because I am so NOT! :)

Have a blessed day!