Misadventures with urine.

Monday evening and all I wanted to do was see the Pittsburgh News. There were two things that I wanted to see after a typical confusing Monday, I was headed home to see the news and have a quiet evening at home, then the call. Jenn was at work and Chris was being Mr. Mom and Logan had thrown the Whack a Mole game down the stairs and hit Tyler in the head and there was a lot of blood. You say, Blood not Urine? I'm getting to it. Jenn races home and silence. We hear nothing. Then the call. Tyler, in some form of retaliation I am sure, has thrown something at Logan and hit him in the eye. I leave and head to their house. At this point I actually forgot about what I wanted to see on the news. Logan is sitting in Chris' lap with a cold washcloth on his eye. I gather him up, cuddle him up and hold him. After we determine that it is not a hospital worthy injury, John heads to the drugstore for some non-recalled children's pain reliever. Somewhere in that confusion, the mid potty trained Logan, pees all over me. Just a nice warm feeling all over the new clean jeans that I try to get a couple of days of work out of each week. No big deal. After several hours of Logan doing a mean impression of a cross between Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder and Tyler channeling all Three Stooges at once, I manage to extract myself from the home and hit the recliner, assuring those little boys that I will see them tomorrow. Home, recliner and what? I missed the news and there is no way I am going to make the 11:00 news. Why didn't I DVR that?

Second misadventure. Tuesday brings Logan to work with Jenn, eye slightly red, but open and functioning.
Quit turning that press.
No you don't need to fill that cup to the brim out of the water cooler.
Come back in that door, it is cold out there.
Please don't answer the phone when it is a customer, and if you do, don't scream "WHO IS THIS" to them.
Logan, did you pee your pants?
Yes, I will take you to the Bent and Dent, but if you are not good, I am leaving you there and bringing those little Amish boys back in your place.
Logan did you pee your pants AGAIN!
Tyler, please do not walk across the counters.
Logan did you poop your pants again?
At some point in the past few potty training weeks, I have noticed that Jenn uses the plunger a lot in the bathroom. It was not really a conscious observation, sort of a subconscious thing that came out after the next incident.
She leaves with the boys about 2ish and everything quiets down and I get down to real work. John gets back from taking his Mom to dialysis about 3:30 or 4 and we catch up on the day, plan for tomorrow and before we leave for the day, I head into the bathroom where I notice that my bum is getting wet from pee splashing up, or so I think until I go to wipe and my whole hand is immersed in the water/urine. The commode is filled to the brim. We plunge and as it goes down, thankfully, I check the wastebasket as the plunger thing leaps to the front of my mind. No wipes! There are no baby wipes in the wastebasket. Logan is not wearing a diaper and there are no baby wipes anywhere and I immediately know what has happened to the commode. Jenn is flushing the baby wipes. I say this to John who replies that SHE would never do something that dumb....a quick call to her and yes, that is what she has been doing.
Today, hopefully, I am staying away from urine!
Finished this quilt top last night that I started after the quilt weekend and realizing that I need to use up all those cut scraps before I actually BUY material to make a quilt. And a table runner from recycled blue jeans.

Today, the 6th graders from the local elementary school come to the shop to print their own shirts. What a zoo that is, teachers yelling and 50 or so preteen kids everywhere touching everything in the shop. Someone always manages to get ink all over them.


Ann said…
Cathy, Good luck with those 6th graders. My 6th grader is going to the Toledo Museum of Art today - hopefully not to create havoc! LOVE the recycled jean table runner! ~Ann
pammyjo said…
You always make me laugh. You are my sunshine this a.m. Thanks, and have a super rest of the week.:) Hug
Now really...I'm laughing here....but NOT AT YOU...just at the whole scene! lol
Hope the rest of the weeks goes much better....

Big hugs, Karen
BurttBunch said…
This made me laugh this morning!!! The overflowing toilet incident! Too much!!!! Have a good day Cathy!!!
SweetPepperRose said…
LOL! just read your little misadventures story - you crack me up! Boy do I remember those potty training days :), but those are surely the fun times to be remembered!