Ninety-two pictures?

OK, really, I am not going to show them all to you so don't zone out now.  I took ninety-two pictures!  There were so many interesting things and I wanted to document it all! I loved the lights on the water, wouldn't this make a great background for something?
And while I don't understand architecture, I love to look at old buildings and these two were among my favorites.

There were art displays along the river walk and they were made from recycled junk!  Of course that got my attention.   You may see more of those tomorrow.  This one was bowling balls and bowling pins and some other junk. 
Of course, I had to find The Fonz!
Another interesting tower on a building.
This is one of the bridge necklaces.  They were also made from recycled junk.
I got a big chuckle out of the wide selection of Cheesehead Attire!
These are from our visit to Port Washington and Cedarburg.  What a lovely place!  I would love to go back.  So pretty!
This is Patti and Mike, the best tour guides in the world!
Patti and I shopped on Monday at these wonderful shops in Elm Grove and this A Little Bit Country shop near her home.  They had the nicest selection of wool and rug kits that I have ever seen in a shop.  Of course all this shopping was part of the reason that I will be waiting for my dirty clothes to arrive on Fedex.

Of course, the first night there, Shawnee and I checked out a local restaurant and then a tiny bit of the nightlife at a little bar call Fire on Water with the band Kingfish.  The band was really good and such nice guys, although they would not allow me to edit their songlist to suit my likes and dislikes, they did manage to acknowledge the girls from Pennsylvania.

Shawnee and I did not get to spend as much time together as I would have like because of her conference schedule, but it was nice to spend some time together exploring Milwaukee. 


Laurie said…
Cathy I love Port Washington and Cedarburg, my nephew lives in Port, and I've been there many times! Isn't it just the most quaint little town!? In fact my sisters leave in the morning to take my niece home, and will be all over all 3 towns. Look forward to more pictures, you're bringing back some fun memories.
Patti said…
I loved every minute of it.
pammyjo said…
Great pics. I really like that bowling ball art piece. I also like the lights on the water and the stone wall with the door/gate. Really wonderfual visit. Thanks for sharing. :) TTYL