Thursday, February 25, 2010

Four days of comments.

No pictures, but I think you will get the "picture".
As a guide, my thoughts will be in red, things I actually said out loud will be in black.

Sunday AM

So, John, I think that I am going to skip church this morning and go to the laundromat since we still can't wash clothes. Clean clothes will do more for me spiritually right now than church.

Of course I can manage to take your clothes to the laundromat and bring them back, how stupid do you think I am?

Sunday noon

Are you sure you sent all three pairs of your favorite wool socks from Macy's with me?

Sunday evening

Where in the world is that navy blue IUP t-shirt that I wear with my plaid flannel sleepy pants?

No problem, I 'll just wear those new jammies that I bought, but where is that nice black shirt that goes with them.

I'm going to bed now because I have to get up at 4:30 to take Shawnee to the hospital to get her tonsils out.

Monday...really, really AM

Where are those nice warm, navy socks that I like to wear?

Ok, Shawnee if you really feel good after your surgery, I won't take Gracelyn home with me.

Yeah right, I am going to have her for awhile, this is not going to be easy.

Monday noon

So as soon as we get her oxygen level up and she is done gagging and throwing up I can take her home?

Monday supper time

Ok, Gracelyn, say goodbye to Mommy and tell her "get better soon, mommy!

Monday 9-11

Gracelyn, don't you think that you should go to sleep now? Momma is tired!

Tuesday AM

Yes I can keep Logan and Tyler all day while you go to the hospital to see your Gram, Jennifer and your dad works, but someone will have to pick Tyler up at Preschool.

No, I don't care if Sandy is able to pick her grandson up and bring her granddaughter and grandson with her...I am not wonder woman and your Dad can pick him up and bring him to me

Thank-you Molly for bringing us supper.

I know Tyler that when you have no underwear on it means you are going commando, but you have underwear on and quit pulling your pants down.

Where are those nice, comfy black sweatpants that I like so much?

Tuesday noon

Quiet time everyone, Gracelyn you are going to the Pack and Play, Logan you get up on the couch, Tyler you get in Papa's chair.

Ok, Gracelyn, stop crying, I'll just hold you, of course Logan, you can sit with me also, why yes, Tyler, you can probably fit right in between those two.

So are none of us going to nap today?

Sure John, I can come down to work while you come up here and arrange for the hospital bed to be moved in for your Mom.

Tuesday evening

Gracelyn, it is only 6 o'clock, surely you don't want your bath yet?
Gracelyn, did you have a fun day with the boys and Momma?
Gracelyn? Gracelyn? Ok, guess Momma is putting you to bed.

John, I am going to change, listen for her.

Where is that nice navy blue sweater that I like to put on?

Wednesday AM

Gracelyn, no you can't wear Momma's high heels to work today.

Gracelyn, I know that Momma's tank top is your "dress" but I have to take it off to put your clothes on...I'll put it back on you, I promise! Gracelyn, please don't scream, I am going to put it back on you.

Where is that brown sweater that I wear to work every week?

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I'll bet I missed an entire washer of clothes at the laundromat on Sunday, how in the world am i going to check that without John knowing, do i have enough time to run there before work, is he going to see me pulling out of the driveway and going the wrong way and why did I have to make that "stupid" comment on Sunday because really I am that stupid and it is not like I don't have anything else on my mind but I really try to stay organized and I know that I left an entire washer full and never emptied it.

So John, Gracelyn would like some grapes, so I think that I am going to run to the store and get her some grapes before work.

No, I don't think I am spoiling her, I need some other stuff at the store also.

OK, I think I left a load of clothes at the laundromat.

Please don't lecture me.

I am really sorry.

I really try not to be a screw up.

C'mon Gracelyn, you and Momma are going for a little ride.

Gracelyn, please don't take your shoes off.

Look Gracelyn, these clothes left here, wet and stinking in this garbage bag are Momma and Papa's, we'll just be taking these home with us.

Yes, I know Miss Grocery Store employee, that my child is missing a shoe and sock, and yes, that bright coral thing hanging out of her coat is her "dress". I just need some grapes.

Wednesday Noon

No, Jennifer, I have not see a rash like that in a long time. Logan, are you itchy?

Jennifer, did I just hear you ask the doctor if that rash is contagious?

Oh, good, only to those two and under like Gracelyn who has been playing with him here at work all day?

Oh good John, glad that you have your mother loaded in the car and coming home after seven weeks in the hospital, and no the oxygen hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, either Jenn or I will go to her house and learn how to use and the other one will stay here and work with two toddlers, one of which has some uncertain rash.

Wednesday supper time.

Ok Shawnee, I'll have Gracelyn ready to go when Brian gets here. Oh wait, can it be before 5:30 because one of us has to go to town to get Marilyn's prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Please don't cry Gracelyn, Momma is going to miss you.

What do you mean that you don't have the prescriptions?

Could they not have called and told us this before 6 at night?

Of course, I can drive another 20 miles to go get them, no I don't want their phone number, I left work, came here, five miles from my house with no money, no purse, no cell phone, nothing. You call them and tell them I am coming.

Why is it not ready...why why why!

I am really enjoying this 70's radio station

What's love got to do, got to do with it? What love, a second hand emotion, who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? (Tina Turner belted out as loud as I can sing)

Ok, here is all the medicine, I am going home to change and I'll be back, oh, John, you are going to stay here tonight? Ok, I'll be here at 6 in the morning so that you can go to work.

Oh, is Logan Ok, what did the doc at the ER say?

Oh, just highly contagious? When do you suppose we should tell Shawnee this?

Wednesday 9:00

Wow, my bed that I haven't slept in for three nights all to is going to feel so good.

Are you sure? Because I can stay here tonight and you can get some rest.

Please oh please say no...I really need some sleep!

Wednesday 9:45

This bed is so nice, this book is so good, my eyelids are so heavy....zzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday 10:10

Phone? Where is it? What is wrong? How long have I been sleeping" Why won't my legs work?

Hello? What? Is Logan Ok? What? Of course...I think. Yes, you can stay here...ok, no I wasn't sleeping, I just laid down, no that's ok, come on over.

I have to make room, I have to change sheets, I have to get all those Christmas decorations from the spare room to the attic, I need fresh towels, will this day never end?

So that is my last four days. Jenn and the boys are staying with us, their house has been...well let's say compromised. My MIL is home and doing well, she is going for dialysis three days a week and we are staying with her round the clock. She lives close so that is not a huge problem, Shawnee is mending but still sort of rough. I have a tutorial started for those dresses but it will have to wait.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dress Tutorial?

First of all, I would like to thank Jenny for the goodies that I received in the mail. How fun to have "new" goodies to sew with. I love matching the fabrics and notions for these little dresses. Not only did this box hold all kinds of possibilities, but many of the fabrics went with ones that I already had also. Thank-you, Thank-you! Thank-you Jenny!!! Jenny's Blog is Jenny Matlock. I have not figured out how to make that a link, but her blog is listed on my sidebar, please check her out, she writes on the greatest topics. Always interesting! Speaking of my computer illiteracy, if anyone can tell me how to make this a nice little link on the side as a tutorial, please email me, I would be very grateful!

First step is to pick out a main color and the "decorations" to go with it.

The main part of the dress should end of being at least 20 inches long, but can be much longer if you have enough fabric. I used a pillowcase as a guide and did not make any of them longer than a pillowcase. Fold your fabric in half along the regular fold in the fabric, cut to length. Fold the fabric in half again lengthwise with the cut edge out the width of your seam allowance and cut the armholes. These don't have to be precise. You can see here that they are about 4 inches long and about 3 inches deep.

I have been using a contrasting fabric for the hem of some of them. I think that it makes them look nice and it makes them hang better. You will need piece of fabric a 45 inch long and about 5 inches wide. Fold it in half lengthwise and press.

Then you can sew trim on that if you want. Lace, ric-rac, even a more narrow fold of fabric will work there.

Pin that to the bottom of your dress with the trim side to the right side of your dress and sew right on the seam that you made to sew the trim on.
Trim the seam allowance to 1/4 of an inch and zig-zag over the raw edges.

Press the casing in the top neck edge of the front and back neck edge. Make sure that you make it wide enough for the elastic that you are using.

Cut bias strips of fabric 2 1/2 inches wide. You will need about 73 inches of this. You can also make it more narrow for the smaller dresses.

Sew the strips together to make one long piece of bias.

You could also use bought bias tape also and it would be a lot easier, but I have all this fabric and I like the idea of using up what I have.

This might be a little out of order, but sew the casing in for the elastic.
(It was hard for me to get the pics in the right order. )

Add any trims, pockets, embellishments, etc, before you put the elastic in and before you sew the side seam. It is much easier, trust me.

Press in 1/4 inch on both sides of your bias edging and then press it again in half.

Cut your bias in half, two 36 inch pieces and mark the centers of those with a pin.

String the elastic through the casings on the front and back. I use 6 inches for the bigger dresses and 5 for the smaller ones. Zig-zag the ends.

Sew up the side seam and zig-zag the raw edges.

Open the bias trim and matching the marked middle with the side seam on one side and the fold on the other side, pin it to the wrong side of the dress. Stitch it around the armhole.

Fold it back over and top-stitch it the length of the bias.

Press, tie and hang your completed dress.

I went on a yellow kick with some dresses. So bright and cheery!

And some grape material that I loved. Recognize this, Kim?

And some black and beige...always elegant!

Please let me know if my directions are not clear in any way.
Also, any help on how you post this on your sidebar would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do you think?

that this little boy needs a dog? My sister is here visiting from Connecticut and this very patient and well-behaved dog, McKinley allowed Tyler to love him...and chase him and try to ride him and in the end, I am not sure which little one was more tired but they sure had a good time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey, Ma, look what I'm finally doing!

Hey Ma, remember back in the um, er, seventies when I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer? Remember all the schooling that you paid for? Remember how I never really used that schooling? Well, look at this finally! Thirty + years later and I still remember how to sew and I am using it.
Not for a career,
Not to make money,
But I sure am having fun with it! And who knew I had this much fabric? Well, of course only me as I tend to hide my stashes as much as possible.
But, now I am glad that I did hang on to all this fabric (and trims and lace and thread and ribbon and well you get the picture. I almost forgot where I had some of it stashed.) Under beds, in cupboards, in suitcases, and well let's just leave it at that.

And this one is my favorite so far. I love this combination of colors.

And now....I have to clean up my other upstairs. I have two, one for us and one for guests and my sewing room and that whole side of the house is a disaster area and I am getting company. Nothing like company to make you get your life in some type of order.
Here I go
Sweeper, check
Garbage bags, check
Dust rag, check
Pledge, check
Wait, I have an idea for just ONE more dress, first.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How I spent my Valentine's Day

I found this pattern for these little dresses at Notions by Nancy. They are called Dresses for Africa and my Mom's quilting group is making them. I immediately emailed the ladies that run the orphanage in Haiti that our church works at and asked them if these were something that they could use. They said that the kids always need play clothes and that they could also use some straight, elastic waist skirts also. Off to the sewing room I went this morning. I had one made before the first cup of coffee was gone. I had the boys for several hours today, but when they left at three, I went back to sewing.
This one was made from a pillowcase. That is what they suggest you using, but I have lots of fabric and just cut it, some smaller and some the same size as a pillowcase. This one was a curtain panel. I have tons of rick-rack and trims and lace, it is so nice to be using it all up.
And another one from a pillowcase.

and these were smaller pieces of fabric that were not as big as a pillowcase. Don't you just love that little bobby pin that matches. I am cutting 2" squares also as I cut out the fabric to make little barrettes to match them.

I would love to get a group organized at our church to make these. I think that we could also take them to the Dominican Republic. How nice for a child to get something new instead of all the hand-me-downs that get sent.
Next I need to find a pants/shorts pattern for little boys. Sure don't want them left out!
To read more about it, check out this blog.

Time Travel.

I love books and movies about time travel. They can be silly like the Back to the Future series, love stories like The Lake House and The Time Traveler's Wife, or almost gory like The Butterfly Effect. I will watch/read all of them more than once to get the little details out of them. The Time Traveler's wife is on Pay Per View and I am just waiting for a few free hours with the TV to myself to rent it. I read the book, but rarely do the movies have the same effect as the book, we'll see.
Thought I would share progress mostly on projects, nothing much that I have finished. These are the growth charts, there is progress, but slow. I can't seem to find the motivation to work on them. First of all, my painting room is right outside our bedroom and I am trying to keep that a quiet zone for John to rest as much as possible. With all the running to the hospital, my clumsiness, that always equals noisiness, would not be welcome right now.

My Mom brought this set to me on Monday that she made. I love these little make-up cases. They have a metal tape thingie in them and they snap closed. Not a very good description, I am afraid, but you buy the replacement tapes for carpenter type tape measures and cut them and put them in the top of these cases.

Dad has been very busy making hats. He makes them on a loom and obviously from this stack, he enjoys making them. I send them to shelters for him.

I am still using up all the extra yarn making these squares. The stack is really growing.

And I started another locker hook runner. This one is a little narrower, and much easier to hold and work on.

And one finished hat for me. Don't I look like a slacker compared to my Dad. I tried a new pattern for finishing the top, but think that I am going back to the one I was using before. It just shaped better than this one.

And I had to include the pic of what John is doing BETWEEN visits to the hospital. He really does not have to shovel that much, don't let this fool you, 98% of his snow removal career takes place from the seat of the John Deere.

For all of you that donated yarn for the yarn project in the Dominican, the yarn went on the trip even if I did not. I am hoping to hear news of the distribution of it today in church. I really appreciated all of you that helped with that project and I am sure that it is going to great use!
My mother in law was readmitted to the hospital on Friday evening. She had been at a short term rehab hospital for over a week and was doing well, but her kidney numbers were going up and she needed dialysis to remove fluid that was not leaving on it's own. They had dialysis available at the rehab hospital, but through the amazing logistics of some non-medical office person at her insurance provider, they felt that she did not qualify for the dialysis that she would only have to ride the elevator one floor down to receive and felt the need to transfer her, via ambulance, through eight hours in an emergency room in a city hospital on a Friday night and finally get her into a room at 4 in the morning. Excuse me if I don't see the logic or the $avings in that scenario. Common sense, people c'mon!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury...

...I present the evidence.
1. The missing camera was found underneath the dining room table.
2. Logan and Gracelyn, both minors aged two years, heretofore to be referred to as the suspects, in this case were both seen sitting at the dining room table hours before the camera was missing.
3. The suspects were also heard talking and laughing and touching things on the table.
4. The camera, when found, had this evidence on it.

5. This evidence, taken of the computer screen was taken from the vantage point of Logan, heretofore referred to as Suspect #1.
6. Due to the lack of fingerprint evidence, both Suspect #1 and Gracelyn, heretofore to be referred to as Suspect #2, could be considered allies and therefore neither are above suspicion.
7. Although there is a lack of fingerprint evidence, there is evidence of stickiness determined to be apple. Both suspects were seen to be consuming and sharing an apple.

8. Neither suspect has been present for questioning from Gramma, however third party questioning from Mothers has not determined guilt.
Ok, you be the judge and jury. What should the punishment be?

Finished this table runner...and cutting strips for another one. These are fun to make.

I found this flower pattern on the Polka Dot Pineapple. I have not learned how to put those links into my blog, but there is a link on the sidebar.....right over there to the right -------->
Check out her blog, she has the greatest ideas. I am hooked on these little flowers. They are fun to make and use up scraps.

And the stack of dishcloths. The rectangles are for Warm-Up America. Google that if you have not already. It is a fun way to use up yarn scraps, try new patterns, and goes to a very worthy cause.

And finally....drum roll please! I have finally started the growth charts for Shelby and Shawnee. These are going to be so fun to do. The white that you see are the sketches for the things that I want to paint on them. Some of you may remember that I had a giveaway for suggestions of what to put on them. I wrote them all in my notebook at the time and just pulled them out and started sketching things in. I know that they look like nothing right now, but I can see them in my mind finished.

I watched the news all morning. I watched the cancellations and no where did I see our business closed for the day. Everything else within three counties is closed for the day. How could we still be open? The snow is blowing and it is nasty looking out there. How I would love to stay home today! Maybe early dismissal? Please!