Little angels

This morning when I went to my quiet place to start my morning...
I found this left on my seat by two other little angels.

They love their cheeseballs!
And I actually sat on that toy! Not a comfortable feeling!


pammyjo said…
OMGosh ... love that angel painting. Beautiful. I'm still laughing at the chair incident. It's so happened to me. Mine was a lego design made with the large ones. LOL Ouch!
Hi Cathy, love the painting!!
Isn't it amazing what those little "angels" can leave laying around.8-) I'm always missing things after angel visits, some are found and some are lost forever.
Have a great day!!
Debbie said…
You are so talented! I want to paint like you! *hugs*

Debbie K
Love the angel. So much talent!
enjoy the day
Meggie said…
Love the angel, Cathy! After reading your tutorials, I have an even better appreciation for your talent.
I LOVE your angel painting. How adorable your angels are!
Take Care!