This and that...

In the pioneering mode that I am in right now, this coffee pot fits right in. Well, I did make biscuits the other night for a snack while John brought in the firewood. Granted, the firewood is purchased already cut and split and stacked by the front porch and the biscuits were from a can in the fridge, but still we are going to call this modern pioneering. This sudden interest in pioneering and the Wild West has been brought on by this little guy. Wyatt is now two months old. You might remember his arrival and first few weeks. If not, check here. When the pediatrician first looked at him in those first few hours, he and Travis had this entire conversation about Wyatt Earp. I knew nothing of what they were talking about, but I knew that it seemed to ease Travis' tension. The conversation did not leave my mind and I have been trying to learn more about Wyatt Earp. We have bought Tombstone and watched it. I caught part of the Kevin Costner (any movie with Kevin Costner has to be worth watching) movie the other day and I am hoping to get some books soon to read more about his life. It seems my paint room tv is now on the western channel more than Lifetime. Change of pace.
And the good news, at Wyatt's last appointment, Dianna and Travis were told that they no longer have to check his sugar levels twice a day. He is holding his own on the dosage of medicine that they are giving him. Very hopeful sign!

Am I partial or does this little guy just have the cutest smile?

While we are on grandchildren...might as well keep going. Shawnee took this pic of Gracelyn the other day. Adorable?

And this one of the two little princesses. Cinderella and Snow White have nothing on these two.

Yesterday, at work, Tyler thought that he needed to mop the floor. Who am I to stop an activity like that?

The cute words of the week, came from Logan on Sunday. I brought him home from church with me and as we were eating our lunch of "vegetables" (Honest, it's what he wanted!) He looks at me very serious and matter of fact and says, "The other day, Pat was so funny, he dropped all of his papers in the bonus round."
Wheel of of his favorite shows. Really? A three year old?

And the two of them took my camera yesterday, see I was really working.

This was my desk drawer. I am not a real organized person but this was ridiculous. Not totally my fault, Kendall loves to play in this desk drawer. I dumped it and cleaned it all out. What a good feeling. At least until the next time Kendall is there.


Sheila said…
So, so sweet! Those grandbabies bring such joy to our lives. It's true if I'd known how much fun they were going to be I'd have had them first! :-)
Hope you have a wonderful day Cathy.
Love the painted coffee pot by the way!
Connie said…
What sweet Grandkids! It's funny that his favorite show is Wheel of Fortune - my little Hailie Pearl just LOVES that show too - she's 18 mos now and she watches it every night before bed. She'll stand there and clap, then turn around to make sure we're all clapping too...LOL
Oh what sweet grandkids!! I am so glad little Wyatt is doing so well.
Love the coffeepot!!
love the coffee pot..and you have beautiful grandkids..and love what comes out of kids's one..we were over at our friends house and their 4 year old was dressing up my hubby..he had on a long red wig..white gloves that go up the arms..and elton john glasses..she was having so much fun and she told my hubby he was as pretty as a princess...priceless.;)
Your grandchildren are all adorable! Love to comment about Pat, that's just too funny! Love your coffee pot too!!
Beautiful Grandchildren!
So cute, things they do!
thanks for sharing you family
Laurie said…
What a sweet post, Cathy, what adorable grand kids! So happy for Wyatt, what great news!
I watched the show "Wyatt Earp as a young'un, remember it well!
Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp,
Brave Courageous and bold!
Long live his tales
and long live his glory
and long may his story be told!
love the way you make those branches~n~evergreens!! cute lil' grands're waaay to young to have all those lil' ones!!