Description of an Accident Post 2

Way back a few years ago I had that title for another post.

It just so happened that Dianna had not told her husband of that incident.
He read it on the blog.
Not a good way to make mother in law points.

I think all parties know about this one now so
here is Gracelyn talking on the phone to me.
And this is how she described the incident.

"Mamaw, Mommy and me were coming to see you yesterday and Mommy drove Daddy's truck into the woods."

"And when Papa came to help Daddy get his truck out of the woods,
 his (Papa's) truck ran away from him"

Of course I had to have Mommy get on the phone and explain that.
Apparently her Papa got out of his truck the truck slid down the driveway without him.

Out of the mouths of babes.

And if you happened to read the first description of an accident....
I think that the three year old might just have a better description than the 28 year old.

Sorry Di!


Laurie said…
I remember reading the post when it first happened, and went back again for my second laugh! I love the description of the accident, truly out of the mouths of babes Cathy!
Yep,I think the three year old might win the contest.8-)
Glad all were safe and unhurt.