How much patience does this take?

My mom kept telling me that my Dad was making really nice candleholders.
He is always making something and I could not picture in my mind what she was describing.
What a lot of work and patience is in these!

 I managed to keep this one!
It was my favorite.
 And Mom made this table runner for me and brought it in also. 
Gifts for me and not just the princess....woohoo!
Guess I need to clean off the dining room table and display this lovely table runner.
The dining room has become a catch all. 
We look like old people.
Maybe we ARE old people!

Super Sunday today.
We will have one of our friends here
JWS is making a 23 pound turkey.


Connie said…
Those are beautiful! Does he sell them? If not, he should!
LibbiesHome said…
The candle holders are beautiful! And I love the table runner. Lucky gal to have such talented parents. :)
Enjoy the turkey. :O
Beautiful candle holders! Your Dad is very crafted & Mom what a pretty table runner!
wow Cathy...beautiful work on the scroll saw...and the sewing machine...your parents are crafty too! awesome creations!! You'll be eating turkey for days!!

patti :)
Robbie said…
The candle holders are WONDERFUL! And the table runner is as well!! How lucky you are but now you know where you get your talent from!!
Good Morning, Cathy,
Was it your birthday too? These are wonderful creations.

Take care ~Natalie
basketsbyrose said…
Those candle holders are amazing! Does he sell them? The table runner is just beautiful also! You are a lucky lady!
NancyD said…
Holy smokes, you are a family of very talented people! What beautiful candle holders and runner!! What a lucky lady you are:)
acorn hollow said…
just wonderful! how lucky are you to have such creative parents
SANDI said…
Wow! Those candle holders are beautiful....He certainly does have talent. Does he sell them?
Jody said…
Gorgeous pieces of scroll work! Love that runner too! What great gifts from a very talented family!
Eileen Bergen said…
Amazing candle holders, Cathy! How does he do that?! They're incredible!

I hope your team wins - as long as it's the Packers. lol.
Balisha said…
We just finished watching, I think, the best super bowl game ever. So exciting.
Your Dad is really talented...those are beautiful. I love the table runner too. So much creativity in your family. Balisha
WOW, love those candleholders. Really nice. And your tablerunner is gorgeous too!!! One lucky, talented lady!!!
holy cow those are amazing pieces of them..and love the table runner..hope you had a great day.;)
Kathy said…
Wow Cathy.. those are gorgeous.. glad you managed to snag one.. and the runner your Mom made is beautiful.. lucky you...
ummm well lots of turkey pies again is out my last one for supper last night..
Have a great day..
Bev said…
Oh wow Cathy how wonderful, glad you are keeping at least one, those are so time consuming and even though I use a scroll saw I have no patience for fret work, imagine how many times he had to remove that saw blade and reinsert it, wow, just wonderful work
Bev A