Some organizing and a really smart phone

Obviously, I am going to show you the better picture first.
Organization is not my strong point.
That is sugar coating it.
I suck at neatness.
I thrive in chaos!

 This was even bothering me.
See why I showed you the "organized" one first.
I am sure that JWS has Hoarders Anonymous on speed dial on his phone.
We watch the show.
He says that I am one bump on the head away from being one of those crazy people.

And now,
on to the smart phone.
I fought the phone kicking and screaming.


What did I ever do without it?
Oh, I still don't have cell phone service where I live.
I keep hoping.
This phone does EVERYTHING!
It is my alarm clock
and sound machine.

 It is now my
Video Camera
Weather News
Flashlight..yes it even has a flashlight.
I can
play games
check my email
entertain grandchildren,

It took me three days and a tech support call to Shawnee to figure out how to get this far with the phone.

And Tyler and Logan
had one bowling game loaded and were working on loading the second one
within approximately
30 seconds.

You say
Nothing Creative in this post?

Watch for
What the Well Dressed Princess is Wearing
Coming Soon!


pammyjo said…
Maybe blog friends could be the topic for Hoarders. lol OMGosh ... I try so hard to be neat, but then it gets in the way of creative. Giggle. Have a great day! :)
basketsbyrose said…
You just have to love the new phones. They do everything!
Angela said…
Glad you are liking (loving) your phone. My daughter has one and it is amazing what it will do. Me, I am electronically ( a word?) challanged. I still have trouble taking a pic. with my plain cell phone. Have a good day.
You don't even want to see my craft room ~ my husband keeps threatening to call the Hoarders show! But really I know where everything is!LOL
Have a great day!
Prim Blessings! Robin