The Fire Has Gone Cold

For those of you that have not been following the continuing saga of the fireplace.
for the background on some of the drama.

I really thought that the worst of it was over.
The fire would be out soon.
I could clean the living room.
The rest of the house.
The front porch.
Get a new rug.

Oh, the gas bills were low.
The rug was ruined.
Chiropractor bills from back issues that I blamed on unloading firewood.
Initial cost of woodburner.
Continual vacuuming
All ok, because the gas bills were really LOW.
lately there has been the issue of the smoke.
Lots and lots and lots of smoke.
Not up the chimney smoke...
in your face, choking you out of your recliner at night,
I thought that something was wrong.
JWS just kept jamming more wood in there.
What do I know?

Finally, on Wednesday...
I slide him this little post-it note with the name of a chimney sweep on it.
Talking to Shelby on Wednesday night, we laugh about Dick Van Dyke/Mary Poppins showing up.
So Thursday arrives.
Never mind that JWS schedules the time for them to come at the same time as
I have a truck to put vinyl on...
I have Kendall and have to arrange for a sitter for her during that time...
Jenn, the only other "employee' at work is driving my MIL to dialysis....
someone has to meet the kindergarten bus....
we do have a business to keep open...
the chimney sweep is going to dance across our roof singing
"Chim, chiminee, chim chiminee, chim chim chiree.
A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be..."
Got that song stuck in your head now?

The Exasperating Part of the Story.

The chimmey is clogged.
Really clogged.
The insert in the chimney is no good.
It was not installed right.
Cost, you say?
About $200 MORE than it would have cost to install it right initially,
the cost of the dance episode of Mary Poppins that happened yesterday.

You might say,
"Go back on the initial installer and make them make it right!"

in order to save $$$$,
guess who installed it themselves.
That is right.
and an Amish Man named Fritz.

Moral of the story.
If the
JWS-Fritz Chimney Installation Co.
appears at your door to install your chimney,
check them out at the Better Business Bureau.
I am having them blacklisted.

And now on to more happy things,
because I am so not completely over the last story.

Here is Kendall at work yesterday.
The only thing that really entertained her all day long was this box.
Opening and Closing,
Opening and Closing some more.

See the remnants of Tyler's hopscotch game on the right?
The kids love the sidewalk chalk on the floor of the shop.



And the resident executive.
He was the only one with a desk job yesterday.

Nothing creative to show.
Bet you don't even have to ask "Why?"


so now I am going to be singing Chim Chiminee all day long...LOL!!! I am glad you got the Chimeny all figured out before something terrible happened.
It looks like you had a couple of good helpers with you yesterday. Hope your day is wonderful today...
acorn hollow said…
So sorry about you chimney trouble. we have used a wood stove for years. there is nothing like wook heat. But you are right it is alot of back breaking work.
Thanks for putting that song in my head!
Hope today is a better day for you!
Prim Blessings!
Sheila said…
Wow! Glad everything turned out for the better.
I've been out of touch for over a week and I can see I really missed alot! I think I'll take being sick over your adventures though ;-)
So, whatch'a doin' this weekend? Dare I ask?
Angela said…
Sorry to hear about your fireplace. We have a masonary fireplace and chimney but have had an insert in it for years. We heat our 2 story home alto we do have a furnance for back up. Save BUNDLES on heating cost, but I am with you, It does get messy. We had already closed it up for the summer and a few days ago , Mr. P. Started it back up again. All I can say is SPRING... please come on. Everyone will welcome you with open arms. Your grandchildren are so precious. Yep , a box will do it every time. Better watch that cute little boy. Before you know it he will be running the business. Have a blessed day.

Lesley said…
ROFL, that was hilarious but I am sure it wasn't at the time.
Stay sane GF.
PS was there a time when you could say " I told you so?"
Jenny said…
So sorry for all of your troubles, but at least now, you'll be safe, sound and warm!