All sorts of new entertainment

Just yesterday, I was lamenting to JWS
that I don't know where summer has gone.
We have been busy at work
we have worked some long days
Regretting that we have not been to the zoo,
an amusement park,
not ridden our motorcycles,

I was looking at the cup half empty.
It has been a bit of a rough time lately in several areas,
all uncontrollable factors at this point in our lives.

And then he pointed out...
a different kind of entertainment.
We have been to these.

Horse races at the fairgrounds next door.

Grandchildren and simple entertainment.
Kendall was totally entertained playing in the sink while I cooked supper.

The boys at work....
have found ALL the settings on my phone camera.
(Hence the black and whites at the top of this post, but I kind of liked those!)

And golf ball/tee bowling.
Papa built them the lane for it and they have had tons of fun with that.

And county fairs.
As a fair manager, JWS, with me in tow,
now has full access to any county fair.
What a great perk.
Last night was the Clarion County Fair.
I loved how they displayed their
Best of Show.

A suggestion I will be bringing back to our fair.

And this...
A bit of a redneck sport.
But it actually wasn't a bad evening.
There have been a few times that I have questioned life's direction this summer.
Two gun raffles,
that would/could/should be my quota for life.
And now there will be
Two tractor pulls this summer.
Another quota met.
A lot of work at the fairgrounds,
but new friends made,
and close to home

And lastly,
the boys found some entertainment in clothespins the other day.
Simple pleasures!

Today I am the DD for the day.
Dialysis Driver
as we have come to call it.
I will drop the patient
and then
spend the day with my two favorite little girls in the world.
Gracelyn and Kendall.
that adorable little
Baby Garren.

Just a different kind of entertainment this year.

Time to look a the cup half full!


Angela said…
Honey, with all you have going on in your life, You and your post are full of ENTERTAINMENT and smiles for all of us.
Looks like this summer you have found joy in the simple things that we so often take for granted. Mr JWS did good to help you recall these simple pleasures.
Those grandkids are precious. Have fun with the "girls" today.
Good Morning, Cathy,
It sounds like your cup overfloweth!
You are always so busy, and surrounded by your precious grandchildren. They look like they are a fun age.

So you can go to any county fair? You should visit ours! It is one of the best county fairs is bigger than our state fair!! LeAnn Rimes is going to be here one night...You have just 17 days to plan your trip. (We have two extra bedrooms downstairs.) Here's the link

Well, let me know...

Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie
oh yes even better entertainment, I say!
Catherine said…
Looks and sounds simply memorable!! A sweet reminder to find the joy in each other and the simply simple.
Teresa said…
Your cup is more than half full.
Haven't played with clothes pins in years. Maybe I should go buy a package.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
I think the things you have done this Summer already are entertainment at the best! Anything that includes family takes top billing.

I so enjoy how you took a step-back & realized so many joys-entertainment in everyday life~ Family funtimes~ close to home funtimes~ Simplelife pleasures~
acorn hollow said…
so easy to have a glass half empty. I think you do have a half full glass and it looks like fun
TheCrankyCrow said…
Sweetie - you truly think you need MORE entertainment in your life??? Really??!! ;o) It just might be the poke that pushes you right over the edge!! And we couldn't have that happening!! What would WE do then for OUR entertainment?? Seriously, tho, ahhh, the gun raffles and the tractor pulls?? There's a word I'm gonna share with you that has magical should try it sometime...It's "NO!" Love the grands - playing in the sink, the clothespins, the bowling lane - wow - they're some fortunate kids to have grands like you and JWS....Hope your weekend was well....Mine was a different kind of "well...." :O Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin