All Kinds of Clean

Well, I finally took the step.
It was a long time coming...
Should I
Shouldn't I?
the opportunity was there,
and I jumped.
I hired a cleaning person.

How nice is this?
We have been working longer and longer days.
Justification, right?
We got home from work after 7:00 last night to find,

Everywhere you look...
In the corners,
underneath things,
the microwave even!

I am loving this!
Well worth the $$$!
This was like buying time!

And this little girl had her first day of preschool yesterday.
I must say that while I talked to her before she went.
In the chaos of yesterday, I realized that I had not
not called her after school to see how she likes it.

Logan had his first day of preschool on Wednesday.
He didn't hide his shoes again,
and he actually liked it!

On another note,
my MIL was admitted to the hospital yesterday.
Complications all connected to dialysis.
Prayers gratefully accepted!

Long days in a short week!
All these shirts, close to 1000 had to be done this week also.



Holly said…
Good for you Cathy. You are a busy woman! Your snowman door is adorable! Praying all goes well w/ Johns mom!
LibbiesHome said…
Way to go with the cleaning person!! I love the idea that it's like buying time. :)
I'll be praying for your MIL.
acorn hollow said…
Oh I so want a cleaning lady!You are right it buys you time. I am so glad you have lots of work. Prayers to your MIL my mother was on dialysis and it is not an easy thing lots of problems.
take care
oh you lucky lucky lady... I need a cleaning lady..LOL!!! I bet if feels fantastic to come home to a clean house. Hope preschool continues to be a success... hiding the shoes was a pretty creative idea that Logan had...LOL.
Hope you have a great weekend.
aww sorry to hear about your MIL...Hope & prayers for wellness comin' on over!
I LOVE when school starts!...just sayin'
Teresa said…
So happy for you with the new maid.
Sorry about MIL will keep her in prayers.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Debbie said…
The idea of a cleaning lady sounds wonderful! Unfortunately.... I think if I ever had the chance.... they would come through the door and turn right around. There just isn't enough time. I have to ask..... did you 'pick up' before she came? :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Debbie K
My grand-daughter cleaned for me and it was so nice!!
Hope all goes well with your MIL.
Love the idea of a cleaning lady! I need one badly, LOL!
Prayers going out to your MIL.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
I need a cleaning lady just to walk around behind me and pick up all my messes!!!
Get some much needed rest this weekend!
Thoughts and prayers being sent for your MIL ~ hope she has a fast recovery.
Prim Blessings
Kim said…
Great decision on the cleaning lady. I agree it is worth the money. I'll say a prayer for you MIL. Have a nice weekend.
TheCrankyCrow said…
Can you see the ugly shade of green I'm turning?? In the past years when I was working, I had a cleaning lady that came every other week - and it was HEAVEN - if only to keep me in line as far as picking stuff up so it was "clean enough for her to clean" (you get my drift??) - When I lost my job, I couldn't justify it...and things just haven't been the same since....HELP!!! Sweet photo of Gracelyn....what a cutie patootie!!! Happy Weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Good for you...I have a cleaning lady too and I work from home...but $$$$ well spent!I have to say she doesn't clean like I would but it certainly helps lessen my load of work! Praying for your MIL
Lesley said…
Prayers for you MIL, I hope things improve.
Good for you Cathy, money very well spent.
Love that snowman door. Looks like you and JS have been keeping busy with those shirts. Wow that is a lot of shirts.
Good to hear the new school adventures with the kidlets. Before you know it you will be attending graduations. LOL