Off to the park!

Conneaut Lake Park
It is volunteer clean up weekend there
it is my
dad and daughter weekend.
I remember going to this park when I was little
and taking my kids when they were little,
and two years ago,
taking Gracelyn for the first time.
My Dad and I are going to help out there on Saturday and Sunday for the
Fall Clean Up Weekend.

And I hear that this ride might be open to ride!
How fun!

This echoes my feelings!

A few years ago they restored
The Blue Streak.
It's nice to see an old park like this coming back.
It has sure had it's years of problems,
and was even closed for a season or two.

But it is back up and running and
I'm excited about going and helping out for a weekend.

One of the best parts?
is that the
offers special rates to those helping out.
When I was little, I always wanted to stay there.
It looked like a place for the "rich" people.
Can't wait to stay there tonight!

Hope that everyone has a great fall weekend!


Hope you have a great time with your Dad.

Sheila said…
What awesome memories you have of such a wonderful place Cathy and I think it's great that people come together to preserve it. Sharing that time with your Dad will be very special too. I hope the weather is perfect and your weekend is filled making more precious memories.
Bless you,
Christine said…
Looks like a wonderful place to make fun family memories!
Enjoy your night in the lap of luxury!
Best wishes
TheCrankyCrow said…
What a wonderful way to spend time and make memories....But you really wouldn't ride that thing, would you? ;o) Enjoy....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Enjoy your father daughter time.
Certain looks like a fun place to visit.