Twenty! And some family time.

Yesterday we spent some fun, family time at the Steeler game.
The kids had bought us tickets for our Christmas present
and they all went along also.
Missing one SIL, a bit of a overlap in plans.

Number 20 on my 
30 days of projects? 
The tree is up,
the house is semi-decorated. 

I am not a primitive decorater.
Love to see it, have some areas that are prim,
I just love glitter!

The colored lights on the tree,
were not part of the plan.

You can read about that

Emptied this vase at the church the other day
decided to bring it home for the holiday.
Those crochet covered balls have been on my trees
for thirty some years.

And this tree on the landing.

A tree by the grandchildren's play area in the living room.

And this nightmare in progress.
This was a pre-lit tree
that stays up all year.
It seemed a little dusty and the lights no longer worked.
I am in the process of taking the lights off.
What a mess that is?
Who wraps these things? 
How much does that job pay?

I have one more tree, don't know where that pic went.

And this is the centerpiece on the table.
Several years ago,
a friend of mine came to visit
and brought me these hand-blown glass ornaments.
I carefully used them on my tree,
high up so as not to get broke by little fingers.
This year they are on the table
in this bowl.

I like them here!
The birds were JWS's grandmothers.
Silver balls
an antique store find.

Three more painting orders
and I am done,
Hopefully, way earlier than last year!
Off to fire up the paintbrushes!


Lovely colorful and shiny! It's fun to see everyone's Christmas decor! Thanks for sharing.
Angela said…
Looks like you and family had a great time at that ball game. FUN! Love your trees. I am a prim lover but decorate with whatever I like. Just mix it all up and throw it out there. That's what make a house a home don't you think? Surrounded by things we love Love those crochet covered balls. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Monday.
frontporchprims said…
You have some pretty displays there. I love the vase full or the crocheted ornaments. It is so pretty. I also love the bowl of hand blown ornaments. I know a lot about those little fingers. Hopefully they will be safer there:) I have a tree that stays up all year too. It looks a lot like the one you have. I am constantly trying to straighten it out and make it look nice. To dust it I suck all the branches up with my vacuum hose. Merry Christmas. -Steph-
I am pretty primitive/colonial/farmhouse... but I still love to look at GLITTER!!!! lol! Love your tree.

Haha about that prelit tree. Did you see the song I wrote about that on my blog?? lol.

Carmen and the Primcats
Love your bowl of ornaments on the table. So Beautiful. I Love the way you displayed them.
A terrific family photo~ what fun!!!
Pretty tree~
TheCrankyCrow said…
Steelers??? Who do they play for again??? ;o) How 'bout them Packers, hey? (Yes, that's exactly what they say and how they say it in these parts....) I'm a primmy colonist at heart, but, at Christmas, I love me my glitter - something 'bout these old crow eyes that head for the bright and shiny. Love that centerpiece on your table with the glass ornaments - gorgeous - those old bird ornaments and the little silver balls - perfection! Hope your week is off to a great start....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Cute decorating! So festive.
What a wonderful gift from the kids and a family outing.
What a great day you had yesterday!!!

I'm glitter and glitz too!!!

love your tree bling! A Girl's gotta love some bling, right? Looks like you all had some fun at the Steelers game!!
Have a great week Cath!
Laurie said…
Now I regret not grabbing the glass vases at our annual Pawzaar, for a quarter a piece! I starred at them long enough, but decided no. Shoot! Your decorations are beautiful Cathy, have fun painting!
Catherine said…
Great decorations! Love the bowl with all your treasures in it!