Mostly Stuff and a Confession

Steps that I painted in a customer's house over Christmas holiday.
A verse by the author of Winnie the Pooh.

Wool jackets found at the thrift shop yesterday,
Washed, felted and ready to cut up and
or something to tone them down.
The clerk was so happy for me and my finds.
I have long ago learned not to tell them that I cut them up,
when I had someone refuse to sell it to me
if I was cutting it up.
Now I just smile and agree that they are great finds.
Even if they are Size 4 Petites,
and I am not.
Wonder if,
when I walk away,
they comment as to how I am going to fit into THAT?

A lovely surprise from
Thank you so much Linda,
I had a dark moment yesterday,
This certainly brightened it.
Refer to the end of this post.

The rest of the story of coffee in the basement.
JWS brought home this lovely,
restaurant size,
coffee maker.
Imagine his surprise when I told him in no uncertain terms
it was not going into the kitchen.
So now
it is in the
not so lovely
See the carafe thingie
on the left.
We make the coffee and take it upstairs and put that on the counter.

Crochet hearts, waiting to be coffee stained
(with the wool)
Going to try the whole tree for each season this year.
Maybe I'll actually make it past
Valentine's Day.

Another thrift store find.
Looks interesting,
has anyone read it?

More painting in the same house as the steps

and the red kitchen from a month or so ago.
And finally...
JWS has been getting some great sunset pics lately.
He took this from the hill across the road from our house.
Our house is right in the middle of this picture.

Our little corner of the world.

Now with all this happy, happy stuff,
I have to tell you the dark side of my day yesterday.
Yesterday was my DD day.
Designated Driver,
well, sort of,
we call it
Dialysis Driver.
As a little back-up
I have "wired out" on a few people lately.
Not entirely unjustly,
just that I try not to do that.
A trip to the doctor the other day
might have explained it.
Really high BP.
Despite weight loss and exercise,
my BP continues to rise.
Again, another story.
back to the dark moment.
I go to Dialysis to pick my MIL up and
one of the county transit buses
had the only two close spots to pick up patients
Let me back up a little by saying that while a lot of the drivers are great
and kind to the patients
many of them are very inconsiderate in their parking skills
for the rest of us that drive there to pick up our family members.
They block the spaces,
they sit there and drink coffee
with the spaces blocked.
I could go on.
It's been a year.
I have kept my mouth shut.
well let's just say
I did not.
It hit me wrong
and I told him in no uncertain terms
that he was being rude and inconsiderate
and explained to him
where I thought he should go....park that is.
He didn't apologize,
he didn't offer to move.
That just made me madder.
I may have to go over his head.
But in the meantime....
I have doubled my BP meds.
Sure hope that they kick in soon.
Mostly for everyone else's sake.


Debbie said…
You are so very talented! I love the steps!!! and what a wonderful score on the wool jackets. Its been a while since I have been to our thrift store. I love going in but it sees the hubby is always there with me and you know how it can be shopping with them. lol

What a sweet surprise from Linda! I received one right before Christmas and it too arrived at a time when I needed it most. She is such a angel!

Hope you have a great Friday!
Debbie K
Laurie said…
I love reading your posts Cathy, entertaining to say the least! How did you crouch down to paint the steps, and what was the verse? My niece has the same coffee maker, and has a coffee bar in her kitchen to hold it. With no less that 12 pots of coffee made during the day, that thing is always going. I can't imagine going up and down the stairs to get the pot! Love it! Take care of the blood pressure dear, hope it stabilizes soon.
BumbleBeeLane said…
Goodies from Linda are sweet! I have that same problem when I take dad to the Drs. He always says park close or drop him off but if the bus is there no such luck.Hope your BP stabilizes soon.Warm Blessings!~Amy
Teresa said…
Wonderful thrift store finds. Love the painting you did on the walls.
With my short blogging absence I have so missed your stories.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
woo hoo great wool finds! love the stairs and the walls..gorgeous!! Hope your BP comes down!!
Cathy ~ I love the steps!!! Beautiful work!!!
acorn hollow said…
Your hearts are so cute and gifts always make the day. I would have not wanted the large coffee maker on my counter either. Take a big breath as say this too shall pass. I hope you get your blood pressure under control.
Lesley said…
Love your goodies Linda gave you Cathy. Sounds like they came at a moment you really needed to get that BP down. Careful.
How rude of that man. I had a situation at a hospital once, anyways I won't go into it but people now a days have no respect or dignity for others.
Love your painting, need I say more.
Nice score on the wool and love those hearts.
Crocheting is challenging to me, I try but I don't care for it. LOL
Those steps are awesome! And I love the floral painting on the wall! You do such beautiful work.

Hope your BP stabilizes soon, take care!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Oh....which Pooh verse??? I tried to enlarge but my enlarger thingy doesn't work anymore....I love Pooh. Too funny about that behemoth coffee'd be in my basement too. What a wonderful gift from Linda....I saw those salt dough sheep on her blog that she had Rachel made and was immediately smitten....what's not to love about sheep, biscuits, and hope? And I had one of those BP moments yesterday myself...ran off the road by someone who apparently cannot read the words "left lane ends." Yikes...the more I venture out, the more I want to embrace my agoraphobic self.....Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Angie Berry said…
Those steps are awesome Cathy! Goodness, that seems like it would be hard to do.

That's so funny that someone actually refused to sell you clothes that you were going to cut... wouldn't they just be glad to sell it? You would think so.

Sweet goodies from Linda! I received a package very similar to this also this week, it was a nice surprise.

What a gorgeous sunset picture and how fortunate you all are to live out in the country like that!

Oh goodness, sorry for the unfortunate that you are experiencing right now. How rude of that driver to not even move, I would definitely have to take it to a higher authority. I wouldn't have lasted a year, I would have said something a long time ago. That's crazy.

Anyway, I hope you get your BP under control soon and have better days ahead~
Love the steps, Cathy! You did a wonderful job. And the walls are Beautiful!
Love your new goodies from Linda. She's so sweet!
I Love the Beautiful sunset picture.
I hope your BP comes down! Stress Less and Crochet more!