Conneaut Lake Park

Another weekend of clean-up and repair.
This is the midway, deserted now,
but cleaned up and almost ready for the season.
Sixty or so volunteers
from all over the area,
all with a love of the park,
and a desire to see it thrive,
showed up this weekend
what could be done on a cold and rainy weekend.

I spent most of my time here with my crew.
We arranged and scrubbed tables,
and then painted them.

Don't you just want to take a picnic lunch there
and spend the day at the park?
I know I will be this summer!

Dad and I stayed at the Hotel Conneaut.
This is a picture from last year.

And while I don't believe all the ghost stories,
when they offered the ghost tour,
I went along in order to see more of the hotel.
The ballroom is beautiful,
with amazing views of the lake.

If you haven't been there in awhile,
it is worth the trip.
The park is trying to stay open.
The coaster is one of only two Vettel coasters left in this country

The carousel
is amazing!
Well worth the trip!

There is a very nice beach
and a boat ride also.

The park has it's issues,
but when so many of these historical parks are going under,
it is nice to see so many people that care
and show up to help them out.

I am honored to be a part of it all,
and I love that my Dad and I can share it together.


annie said…
Good for you, it looks like a great place to visit!
Conneaut--brings back so many memories of summer fun and sweet times with our little ones.(now big) I believe it was the BEST park to take the very little ones to--so safe and relaxed. I remember the picnics we had before starting the day of rides, the time I begged my daddy to let me go on the Blue Streak (only to get almost out of his and my brother's grip and stand on the seat in panic at the top of the last hill!!!!). I never rode another roller coaster. Our older son Craig ran the banquet center during time between semesters at Penn State and met all of the great bands that came in. Beautiful, vintage park. When I was little, we also made a point of visiting Fairyland Forest too. Ahh, memories!!--Jan
Looks like a Beautiful place to visit. And to spend time with your Father, that's Priceless!! Hold on to those memories!! Have a wonderful Monday Cathy!!
Sheila said…
Good morning Cathy~
How I would love to visit this very special park. You always have such a great post about it and I'm happy for you that you get to spend this time with your Dad too. Looks like lots of work but so worth preserving this historic place.

Wishing you a wonderful week!
hugz and blessings,
Laurie said…
What an awesome project to share with your father, Cathy! I would love to visit, it's beautiful. The hotel looks fascintating. Good for you for getting involved in such a great project over bonding with your dad.
Wonderful job!!! Looks like a wonderful place to visit!
We have a park clean up day in our little town too!
Prim Blessings
Barb said…
Hi Cathy,
What a beautiful area and wonderful memories with your dad!
Loads of hard work-but worth it in the end!
Enjoy your day!
Pam Turlow said…
I just wrote a book about vintage amusement parks, The Cotton Candy Road Trip". I visited CLP three times and was astounded by the positive changes from 2009 to 2011. The Blue Streak! A sweet mini-golf! And I thrilled to the Tumble Bug and Devils' Den. I wish CLP a Happy 120th and many years to come. Good for you that you're able to clean up and get the park ready for the new season!!