Weekend with the Boys

This leaf was on the mini golf course Saturday,
thought it looked cool with the water spots.

Friday morning started with dropping Gracelyn at school,
and returning Garren to his mother,
then off to town to pick up my
Really who cares if it is a four
and the five is out?
Not me,
when it is free.

When I got back to work,
John had bought
10 cases of tomatoes
at the auction!

That's right, folks,

Not bad if you don't have a
seven year old
five year old
arriving at
5 for the weekend.

here they are on Friday night..
Seventy two quarts of sauce.

I can't take any credit.
JWS did this on his own.

This is a photo of the boys
Saturday AM.
That was before my coffee,
Saturday morning.

Saturday moved on to a rainy soccer game.

Then off to Farmer's Inn,
to hit a bucket of balls
do a little miniature golfing,

check out and feed some animals.

a fire
some hot tub time.

Perfect for a fall day.

Shawnee found a new shopping place
I found these two stands there.
The chair was a
Thursday purchase.

This has been sitting,
partially finished in my painting room,
finally it is done!
Finished this last week and it is delivered.

I am ready for the recliner...
or bed!
or back to work to get some rest!


Angela said…
Woozers, you made me tired just reading your post. A busy and wonderful weekend you had I am sure. Spending time with the grands is wonderful but tiring to say the least. Beautiful jars of sauce. Wonder if JWS would be interested in giving cooking lessons to my Mister?? Hope you have a restful evening and wake refreshed to face the week.