You Can't Be Everywhere at Once

Or Can You?
Does anyone remember this movie?
My girls loved it! 
They can quote many parts word for word.

Michael Keaton,
I think that the character's name was Doug,
finds that he has too many places to be
has himself cloned.
Funny movie
interesting concept.
The only problem
is that each clone
gets a little
quirkier and dumber.

where am I going with all this?

Here are my options for this weekend.

My daughter's SIL's wedding.
Gracelyn and Garren
flower girl
and ringbearer.

It is clean-up weekend
Conneaut Lake Park.
My Dad is going without me.

It is ladies camp/crafting weekend
the quilt show
at Chautauqua
My mom is going without me.

Tyler has a game,
I have a magazine deadline.
Stay at home weekend.

I am going to the wedding, of course.

But which event
should I send this guy to?


Laurie said…
That's a loaded week-end Cathy, it would be hard to pass on any of the events, but duty has to come first I guess,
Sounds like a busy weekend! I don't know how you do it. Take Care!