You Just Never Know

Last Monday morning I thought
I was beginning my first full week of work
in months.
No daytime plans,
a full week,
forty hours.
I had not worked a 40 hour week in a long time.
October, maybe.
About 4:30 PM,
I got the call.
Dad was taking Mom to the ER,
possible stroke.
Leave work,
drive 100 miles,
two hours later I was standing with her in the ER.
(Please ignore the logistics of the speed
I was traveling)
Special thanks to a very good friend
who was standing there with
my Mom and Dad! 
Thanks, Kathy, friends don't get any better than that!
Nurses that deserve that doctors' pays,
One particular doctor
that should really consider a new line of work...soon,
physical therapists...
It was all determined that she did not have a stroke
heart issues.
What is wrong?
No one is sure.
Still waiting on that certain diagnosis,
but she is home
and resting,
not better,
but getting some better
and after 5 days in Ohio
I am home also. 
Who suffered the worst?
I am thinking it is that plant at the top!
JWS is quick to mention how
the house stayed neat,
the dishes were always done,
I know that I am the messy one....
he didn't even notice this poor plant
gasping for water!

In the process,
I missed my first watercolor class...
Oh well,
maybe next week!


Amy said…
Oh sorry,must have been a scare!
Good wishes to mom,I've had some health issues lately(am 67) and no one knows what it is either!!
Hard to believe what Dr.s get paid these days yet can't decide what you have.
I hope all goes well with your mom, praying for a speedy recovery. I hope you have a great weekend. xoxo
Catherine said…
Oh what a week!! I hope your mom continues to improve and that your plant has had a nice long drink!
Sounds scary especially whey they don't know what's wrong. Glad you Mom is doing better.