Owls, Revamped

First of all,
you will need this post.
which I promptly forgot
I had even written.
(It's the old age setting in, but we'll save that for another ramble)
It explains the basics of how to make these.

I thought that they needed to stand alone.
Or maybe owls "perch"?

And so,
they were adjusted.

The bottom of the pattern
was flattened out.

And this cute little gusset
was inserted.


And there you have it...
Owls, revamped.
No longer bowl fillers,
now shelf sitters.


Either way, they sure are CUTE!!
Kathy said…
aww those are just too cute... love them..
ohiofarmgirl said…
I ove the change. My daughter is making owls right now so I will show her your idea. I bet she will try it next.
I think a vintage owl could find a place somewhere in my home. Dianntha
Amy said…
So cute, my late sister-in law had a huge owl collection. We all shared some when she passed away.I still have mine.
Those are so cute Cathy. I seen them on your blog but never tried them. Should try them some day.

Ann said…
cute stuff. I love them either as a bowl filler or a shelf sitter
Danice said…
How cute they are! Owls are really nice decorations. I need to try making some of them :)
Laurie said…
they're so adorable aren't they!? I've done some with felt before in a little different pattern. I really like these!
How CUTE! I love these! Sweet hugs!