Pot Lid Panic

Let's just say that I was multi-tasking.
I mean,
it was nice and I had a day at home
really kicked in high gear.
No focus,
way too many irons in the fire.
Way too many.
There were clothes on the line,
beds were stripped,
the yard was getting cleaned up,
trees were getting trimmed,
some painting was getting done,
butternut squash pies were being made,
macaroni and cheese,
pot lids and other various metal items were getting sprayed
anyone who knows me,
know that when all this happens,
something is going to
I get out a pan for the pasta
can't find the lid! 
I feel my neck get hot,
I am fumbling,
I am not looking at JWS..
no eye contact.
I am frantically digging in the cupboard
(really screaming in my mind)
Then I remembered,
that I had used it on the skillet and it was in the dishwasher
I seriously had to wait for my heart to slow down.
Not much actually got
at my house this weekend
other than this salad.
Some pies and macaroni and cheese...
oh yes,
clean sheets from the clothesline.
See the afghan on top?
I have tons of yarn that I need to use up
so I started the
afghan on top.
It was going to take MONTHS!
So, I restarted another one with a big hook and double yarn.
Should be done this week!

This afternoon, we got the call.
We could go to the campground junk yard.
JWS and I were almost giddy.
And guess what?
We found a fridge for the camper!

More on that to come in the camper blog!


Susannah said…
That salad looks scrumptious! Add some rolls and everyone could have off the salad plate what they want. I think I will do that this summer for everyone when they are here swimming in our pool. You displayed it well, too. Thanks....great idea.

Karen said…
Always a joy to come here first thing in the morning...lol
I don't have ADD but it feels like it sometimes but for me it could be the two excedrin I take in the morning that puts me in a spin sometimes so it feels like ADD - running from here to there and not accomplishing a whole lot.
Now your day sounds quite normal to me...lol

Interesting pot lid thing going on here...are you going to paint them obviously???

How fun to scramble through junk yard campers...I bet there's a lot one can find to salvage for their own. Glad you got a refrigerator. How's the camper coming anyway - are you going to be able to use it this year already?

Many blessings,
Ann said…
LOL, that sounds like something I would do with the pot lid.
I always have those kinds of weekends since I can rarely focus on just one thing