Amber Inspired


Do you get inspired when you visit other people's homes?
Nowhere has that ever been stronger for me
than my sister's homes.
Anywhere she has lived
I have visited
finds me coming home
wanting to rip everything out of my house
starting over.
It's just that she has been given the
in my family.
She takes junk and makes it a statement.
now too my niece.
she passed those genetics on to her daughter.
this is the tip I tried at home.
while cleaning out my MIL's garage...
yes, I know that could have been done sooner..
we found this picture
(see above)
Cheap plastic frame...
But wait!
I remember what Amber did with that frame in her living room..

this is what I have now!
Not the greatest picture,
but I actually have it hung now.
Maybe tomorrow for that pic!

This was the other inspiration,
not decorating,
but Amber had a bottle of this
on the nightstand by my bed.
I love it!
I can't get enough lotion on me!
Now for the rest of my house....
Hope that everyone has a great weekend!
Mine officially started last night!
I will have pics soon of the first cookout of the weekend!


Amber said…
I don't know what you're talking about! I think you're just the same! You do amazing things with old items! It must just run in the family!
Never So Simple said…
I too look at other homes for inspiration. Thank goodness for blogs. I love your picture re-do!