Dollhouse update

It has been awhile since I have shown the updates on the
Dollhouse Project.
I received a very nice bag of goodies one day
for it! 
Thank you, Bonnie!
A couch was one thing that I "needed".
Living room, almost done.

Don't you just love this frame? 
It was a picture frame from Michaels
the mini map
I found on some scrapbook paper.
Perfect fit.

The bathroom tile is ready for some grout.
I need fixtures for that yet.
I found a set at a hobby shop,
wasn't ready to take that $plunge$.
Besides, I don't think that they offer
home remodeling loans on dollhouses. 

Kitchen is almost complete.
It is a little messy,
It had had some little fingers in there cooking.
Looking for a stove for it.

The light fixture in the bedroom.
Two wood disks,
a shank button with the shank removed
and some beads.
Mini canvas artwork
on the walls,
still looking for a bed! 

And how about the kitchen light?
A jar lid,
a percolator top
some jute!
Still having fun with this!


Ann said…
The house is coming along nicely. Clever light fixtures.
Amber said…
Oh my goodness! That looks like so much fun! I always wanted a dollhouse when I was young.
Sheila said…
I can not believe I ever missed this project post!!! You simply amaze me with what you take on my friend. Wish I had a pinky's worth of your talent!