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When I started this blog, it was mostly to keep track of craft things, you know, a place to put my pictures of things that I painted, knitted, crafted, etc.   Just for me to keep track of everything.  Little my little, it almost became a diary of our lives.   There are times that I think that I should just keep everything to myself and then there are those times that life just bursts through and some of it is too funny to not share.   I appreciate all of you that follow along, comment and encourage my ramblings. 

That being said, as I reflected back on the past year, reading through old posts and remembering.   It was a rough start to last year.   My mother in law was so ill through the holidays and I don't even think we totally grasped how fast she was failing and how soon we would lose her.   While we all knew without a doubt that she was present with her Lord and Saviour, selfishly we mourned our own loss. 

A mere 16 days later we would welcome a new member to our family, Kamden Dean.  What joy!  February found me in Ohio with my mom in the hospital for two separate weeks and mourning the loss of a dear friend.   In May I realized that  the sore ankle was a little more than old age and had to have surgery. At that point, I discovered that I am not the best patient.   Through it all we persevered and survived.   We had some great times this year, some fun trips and always, kid stories!

Looking ahead to 2014 and all it has to offer!

These were the top three most read posts of 2013! 

Thanks for sharing the chaos!  




Wishing everyone a very happy, peaceful new year!


jennifer768 said…
Thanks for sharing your life with us all. I enjoy your blog very much and find myself chuckling as I read. May 2014 bring much happiness and good health to you and yours.Blessings,Jen
Happy New Year - may 2014 bring you many blessings.
YOU are yet another blessing that has come to me because of TPU...You inspire me and yes, make me laugh AT YOU...Looking forward to following your antics, uh, inspirations in 2014!! =)Thank you for sharing your painting techniques with us...I am in awe and am loving the colors you use! Over my years of painting, I have always used the wet-on-wet technique and now to see how it can be harnessed, I am thrilled...New Year Blessings to YOU and to your family...