Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Great Dish Towel Saga

This is probably going to leave you shaking your head.
And saying...
"Is he still alive?"
my comment,
"How dumb could you be?"
I love these dish towels.
They are absorbent,
they are large,
they do not smell
they do not "snag" on your hands.
They are also pricey.
Well, pricey for my frugal persona.
They were a gift from my daughter,
after I commented on how much I liked hers.
She is frugal also,
hers were a gift.
She bought eight of them for me
they have lasted and lasted.
I have bleached and soaked and used them hard.
For several years.
Get the picture?
I love them!!! 
(well, as much as you can "love" a dish towel)
So, how you say, did they get burnt?
stay with me.
I have the most awesome young(er)  woman that cleans for me.
Ever notice how when you get older,
people start getting younger?
every other week she does this fantastic job
of making our house livable again.
I love
Missy Days
as we call them.
They are way better than a spa for me.
The peace of mind of coming home
one night
every two weeks
every surface is dusted
every floor is clean
every carpet is vacuumed
every toilet is clean
is way
better than any massage
ever could be!
That being said,
she also does this amazing job on the stove top
of not one little streak
and it shines.
JWS is not the neatest cook.
However, he does cook
far be it for me to complain about the mess.
He also loves
Missy Days
sometimes refuses to cook for a couple of day after she is here.
Missy Day
he came home to cook
in an effort to keep the stove cleaned,
rolled up the
dish towels and placed them around the skillet
to protect the stove top.
Ok, I will just allow that mental picture
sink in for a minute......
Get the picture?
Not the junk dish towels
that are wrinkled at the bottom of the drawer,
the ones at the top that I use every week.
 Williams and Sonoma
Dish Towels
Honestly, I drop that name just like some
women would
they have a
Coach Purse.
So then,
a morning last week I think
"I am just going to order new towels"
First of all,
I am not an online shopper,
who am I kidding?
I am just not a shopper.
Thrift shops
Yard Sales
Flea Markets
Hobby Lobby
In that order, ok.
Please notice,
or even
Grocery Stores.
That being said,
I found them.
Williams and Sonoma
A lovely green color.
Filled out all the info
(which is a lot if you don't normally shop online)
Proud of myself,
I hit the button,
The notice.
We are sorry, this item is backordered until
January 22, 2014.  
I put on my big girl panties and went to Walmart.
Paused at the ammunition....
then sensibly went and bought towels.
I mean,
after all,
he does cook.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


On a hot day like this!
My sister had the idea.
Sandpaper as roofing shingles.
I couldn't wait to try it!
I assembled the tools.

And got started. 
Assorted weights of sandpaper
from the Dollar Tree.
A punch I had on hand
some glue.
I did switch to Tacky glue midway through the project.
does anyone have any ideas for the siding?

minus the bed
still working on that one. 

And the kitchen,
still need a stove and to organize the hutch.
Kendall found all the dishes, the clock and the broom
and was so excited,
that I had to get the kitchen ready.
The light fixture is a jar lid
the top of a percolator
all wrapped with some jute.
at work,
I had a visitor that left a whole bag of doll house furniture
for me!  
I had the picture here and it disappeared!
More on that later,
the living room is next!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fairy Gardens for Dummies

It might need a little tweaking,
but really,
now I want to make about 15 more!
The fun that it provided for four children,
was really worth it all.
I did not want the sequins,
they happened to be in the container
with the stones
now I will be cleaning sequins out of my yard
for the
next 10 years or so. 
I really should know better.
So here's MY tutorial.
I am sure that there are more precise ones
But honestly,
do those real tutorials
ever fit YOUR lifestyle?
This is what you start with.
The table happened to be on my deck still
Jenn, the non-sewer,
Pinterest addict
that wanted to make a dress for herself
outside on the deck.
More on that another day.

The wire basket was just a thought,
it didn't work.
we have
a large plastic planter.
(not a big fan of plastic planters,
but it was all I could find)
a broken clay pot,
some small clay pots,
garden tools for getting the plants out of the yard,
potting soil,
some rocks,
some sticks,
a nice cold glass of water,
something stronger
if you are not real fond of crafting/gardening.
Oh, wait,
after I broke the pot MORE,
I needed glue, also.
My tutorial that I read
"lightly tap the pot to break it into the shape you like"
in my world,
nothing ever gets done
so I have to keep the glue handy.
And after several attempts at arrangements,
we are ready.
Time for the plants.
Peruse your garden,
peruse your neighbor's garden,
inspect the yard.
Any plant with little,
close together leaves will work.
I found tiny
hens and chickens,
(Shawnee later brought me mini ones that she had)
creeping phlox,
sweet woodruff,
a couple of creeping perennial ground covers
that I have no idea the name of,
even a weed that I call
Hog's Salad.
Plant them and then give them haircuts!
Now, the step I missed was the moss. 
I have tons of moss everywhere.
You might have to go to the woods for that...
heaven forbid,
buy some.
I was trying to make this with items that I found
in the hoard,
and not have to buy anything.
I had made some picket fences and gates with popsicle sticks,
painted some wooden mushrooms
am still looking for the "right" house for at the top.
Kendall found that one that she had painted on her last visit
thought it was perfect.
And it was ready for Kendall and Gracelyn to place the accessories.
the Smurfs showed up first!
And what a time they had!
Tyler, Logan, Gracelyn and Kendall crowded around playing with it.
At one point,
the comment was made,
"Grandma, you need to make more of these so everyone has their own!"
Off to the hoard....I mean stash.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Garden Tour

This is how my day started.
Coffee and Sunrise.
Feet propped up.
Welcome to my Garden!

All colors of wave petunias.

My first ever blooming Easter Lily!

Day Lilies


More lilies and liatris

And my garden tower project from last night.
JWS thinks that the kids will smash them.
Seek and destroy
in his words. 
They made it through today! 

Craft Camp

Wednesday morning,
I taught a class at the
4-H Camp.
What fun! 

how much easier it is to teach kids
than adults.
They raise their hand
before they talk.

And really don't complain
lack of skills!

They did an amazing job!  

Friday, July 12, 2013

The 2nd Annual Revival of the "Safe" Word

before you go all
red-faced and think that this safe word
has something to do with
bedroom antics,
let me assure you
It Does Not!
Last year,
several weeks prior to the fair,
after I had mowed
more hours than I care to admit
at the fairgrounds,
cleaned bathrooms
so gross
that we can't even talk about it
helped out
my fair manager husband in any way that I could...
I asked him one evening to weed eat at our house
before he went to the fairgrounds to work
for the fourth night that week.
A twenty minute job
while I did the mowing
(not a twenty minute job)
When he replied,
"I don't have time."
everything around here went on a quick downward spiral
I swear steam came out of my ears.
When I am too mad to yell and rant and rave...
I am too mad.
He knew.
It was the fire in my eyes...
the purple face,
the shaking hands (or fists),
well, anyway,
he went to the fairgrounds
my son-in-law
did the trimming.
Later that evening,
when the anger had simmered down
loud yelling,
we decided that we should have a safe word.
A word that will diffuse the situation,
a word that means...
"when you hear this, you should stop and think
of your actions and priorities
lest your happy home
The word is

And one year later...
it has reappeared.
This sewing machine had sat in the family room since one day
after my surgery. 
JWS had been at the auction and bought it for me.
However, I had asked nicely for it to be carried up
to my sewing room.
I carried it up myself.
And the picture at the top...
The hose broke
yes, it was my fault.
I left it on,
$50 worth of water
ran out.
It was during
some rain and flooding so no one noticed for awhile.
It needs fixed.
I went to buy the stuff the other day.
JWS said he had it everything he needed and would fix it.
He left on a fishing trip
no hose.
So, today I will attempt the fix.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kids Live Here

You can tell by their artwork! 
When my girls were little,
we had a neighbor that pitched a minor fit
sidewalk chalk touched his sidewalk.
I never wanted to be that person.

I think we can say that I achieved that goal in life!

The little artists!
Below is the first room redo of the dollhouse!
Just have to make a rug for under the table
find some accessories for the hutch.