Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Three Posts

When I started this blog, it was mostly to keep track of craft things, you know, a place to put my pictures of things that I painted, knitted, crafted, etc.   Just for me to keep track of everything.  Little my little, it almost became a diary of our lives.   There are times that I think that I should just keep everything to myself and then there are those times that life just bursts through and some of it is too funny to not share.   I appreciate all of you that follow along, comment and encourage my ramblings. 

That being said, as I reflected back on the past year, reading through old posts and remembering.   It was a rough start to last year.   My mother in law was so ill through the holidays and I don't even think we totally grasped how fast she was failing and how soon we would lose her.   While we all knew without a doubt that she was present with her Lord and Saviour, selfishly we mourned our own loss. 

A mere 16 days later we would welcome a new member to our family, Kamden Dean.  What joy!  February found me in Ohio with my mom in the hospital for two separate weeks and mourning the loss of a dear friend.   In May I realized that  the sore ankle was a little more than old age and had to have surgery. At that point, I discovered that I am not the best patient.   Through it all we persevered and survived.   We had some great times this year, some fun trips and always, kid stories!

Looking ahead to 2014 and all it has to offer!

These were the top three most read posts of 2013! 

Thanks for sharing the chaos!  

1. http://tolentreasures.blogspot.com/2013/12/blog-post.html



Wishing everyone a very happy, peaceful new year!

Painting Class and What a Start to the Day!

I think that this post was started several weeks ago.
The holidays sort of whizzed by!
Wish I could figure a way to stop that process!
Rushing around that morning,
I lost my balance in the bathroom
and grabbed for the counter
and wrapped my hand around the hot curling iron.
The morning was totally going away,
I was running late,
burnt hand,
I am sure about 10 other little mishaps
as I dashed out the door
to pick up Kendall and get Gracelyn on the bus.
I have not been late once yet this year.
This day,
I was pushing it.
This is what greeted me about three miles out the road
I had to pull off to take the picture.
Pulling off was key here considering how the morning was going,
I was not about to try to take a picture while driving,
(Not that I have EVER done that before...)
At any rate,
as rough as the morning was,
this made things
so much better.

The evening,
after work was my second painting class at
Quilt Tree LLC
Everyone did an awesome job! 
Sure love teaching classes again.

As the New Year approaches,
I want to wish everyone a happy and peaceful New Year!  

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Stockings Were Hung...Finally!

The first four have been done for several years.
About three or so anyway.  
The last three?
I seriously procrastinated.
barring any unforeseen
totally unexpected
in the coming few months,
these should hold me for next year also.
Just a few (well actually 8)
more projects
it can be Christmas! 
I have got to start earlier next year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Decorations They Won't Fight Over

There are decorations in my house
(and year round)
that the decorator police
(otherwise known as my children)
will never fight over when I am gone!
Here are just a few.
The Angel Tree,
finally finished after 15 or so years.
JWS mounted it on a base
I glued the candle cups on it this morning.
What is left?
Finding candles to fit those cups!

The Fiber Optic Village
I was over it a year or so after I bought it.
JWS found it in the attic and wanted it out "for the kids"
I think he might be included in those "kids".

The Carnival Set.
This was found abandoned.
We have it on loan this year. 

The Village
Well, truthfully someone might want it...

This Santa
I am pretty sure no one wants him.

Or this scary one either.

And of course, last but certainly not least...
The Annual Complaints About The Nativity Wreath
are about to begin.
Just remember folks,
if anyone of these decorations interest you.

Upon my passing,
they will be cheap at a yard sale!

Shopping With A List.

And it was only a little list.
Thank goodness!
I thought I would take these two along.

They would love it.
love it they did!
Giggles and Laughs
We walked up and down every aisle in each store
marveled at everything.
We brought home a lot of stuff that was not on the list.
We did not bring home a lot of stuff that was on the list.
And these two.
Gracelyn on the right is ethereal.
Glitter, Unicorns, Pink and Purple.
High pitched voice,
Kendall on the left is literal and matter of fact.
Bright colors, Skulls, Neon Greens and Pinks
Throaty voice
deeper laughs.
everything they saw,
they showed one another
by announcing their whole names.
Gracelyn Kay Kirkpatrick
come here and see this!
Kendall Jae Moore,
hurry over here and look at this!
I just
forgot the list. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reflections of the First Trip

When you arrive in Haiti,
your senses are assaulted.
All of them,
but perhaps none more than your sight.
Sensory overload
does not begin
to describe
your eyes trying to take in everything you see.
While you are thinking,
'I want to remember that'
Twenty-six more
memorable sights
pass through your field of vision
your mind can't process what you see fast enough
your sense of everything else
The sounds and the smells
the feel
all become secondary
to the
So many of you were so generous in your donations
to the trip.
I will try to show you where your donations were used.
The initial draw for me to the trip
to teach the students at the orphanage
calligraphy and sign painting skills.
Part of the donations went to buying supplies.
These are skills that the students can use
to supplement their education
hopefully their income.
Several of them astounded me with their abilities!
Michelson was relentless in his concentration.
He worked harder than anyone.
As soon as I would arrive,
he started working and long after everyone left,
he was still sitting at the picnic table
There were others
that worked hard and did amazing artwork
I returned home
rewarded with a small art gallery of drawings.


Everyone crowded around picnic tables
worked very hard.
our pastor's daughter,
who lives in Haiti,
asked for items for this small orphanage.
A huge bag was packed with clothing
purchased with donations
from you.
Shorts, t-shirts,
tons of underwear!
And honestly,
I can't get seven grandchildren to sit on my couch for a picture
these twenty one got up on those benches
just sat patiently!
as always,
there are stories.
A man that lost his wife
could not bury her
because he had no money,
a mother that lost her
five year old boy.
Cash that was taken along at the last minute
from donors
was used to help these people.
A huge thank you to all those that allowed me
to carry your blessings
to Haiti!
And finally,
disbursement of shoes.
This was not my mission,
but somehow
I was caught up blessed
with being allowed to help
with it.
Really, sometimes these trips can stretch
your senses.
See all of these kids?
bags and bags of shoes
in another small closet classroom in this school.
Four of us,
fitted all those little 
(and some not so little)
One of the people in our group acted as stock boy
I am pretty sure
his aversion to feet might run a little deeper than mine
maybe not.
(OK, he is the pastor and he really should reread about Jesus washing the disciples feet)
dirty feet,
diseased feet,
did I mention hot?,
one hundred children
in an area the size of my family room.
I really think that in a mere two hours,
I saw more foot diseases
than the average American podiatrist
would in two YEARS!
Truly, God's sense of humor!
On Wednesday,
a hike up the mountains
to a smaller village
where shoes were again
passed out
but in a more orderly, less crowded fashion.
There are no pictures of me on that mountain
that will ever be shown.
It was a startling
my age and how out of shape I am!
Upon returning from that trip up the mountain
quick trip to the market,
I bought a juice box
that I am pretty sure
was the undoing
of the rest of my trip.
While I normally eat anything on trips
never have had a problem,
within one hour
of drinking that juice,
(that was made in Egypt and not even Haitian)
my trip was essentially over.
The remaining days
the next week
for that matter
was spent
close proximity of
bathroom facilities.
Actually, it is now close to two weeks later
I am still
battling the remaining remnants
of that
Guess I don't bounce back as quickly as I used to!
Thank you again to all those that
helped in any way
to allow me to go on this mission.
I was humbled by how many of you
wanted to help!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Good Reads

Can you get lost in a good book?
I sure can!
After several attempts at books on the shelves
only to lose interest and place them back on
the same shelves,
bookmarks not even halfway through,
my niece and sister recommended this one.
The Night Circus
Erin Morgenstern
What an awesome fantasy escape read!
Perfect for the trip to New Orleans,
it took your mind to
possibilities of
It was so well written
that I found myself picturing it all in my mind
that I could attend
The Night Circus.
The Light Between Oceans
M. L. Stedman
Read between the trip to Haiti and the trip to New Orleans,
 in my sickened state,
much of it read
in the
(not to be so descriptive, but totally honest)
Twists and turns that make you
not sure
who or what
right or wrong.
Recommended to me by a friend,
over a year ago,
it was on my list and finally
purchased at Amazon.
And finally,
and not finished yet,
my morning reading and quiet time.
I am learning
being challenged
One chapter a day,
it is all I can handle!
And next?
I am open to suggestions.
What have you read lately?