This is where I want to be,

The recliner is the place for me.
One of my favorite books to read when my girls were little
Put Me In The Zoo

The critter says
"This is where I want to be,
the circus is the place for me!"
"This is where I want to be,
the recliner
(in front of the fire, with a warm, steaming cup of coffee
and my yarn and crochet hook)
is the place for me!

This, of course!
How cold do these people look?

And doesn't this just scream

Both views from my sewing room window as
I continued to
I have these real bad habits of
1. Buying any sewing basket I find at any sale at almost any price.
2. Stacking those in my sewing room and never going through them.
Today, I will continue to tackle that issue.
The goal of today?
(Other than staying warm, of course)
is to clean out my old sewing room enough that I can get the bed set up in there. 

Another view of the alcove.
The other night as I was quietly sitting crocheting
Watching television would be an option,
but JWS controls the remote and therefore
the television choices are not ...well ...interesting.
I thought of this picture that was hanging in another part of the house.
If you remember this post.
I jumped up, ran to snatch it off the wall,
back to my new sewing room
hung it immediately.
JWS thinks I am crazy.
And lastly, this morning,
I am going to say how thankful I am that
I don't have to go out in this weather.
He takes care of all this stuff for me
and while he is the butt of a lot of my blog posts
for humor.
I truly appreciate all that he does so that I can stay comfortable!!!
Stay warm, everyone!
Twenty six hours and counting until this is over!!!


Laurie said…
I'm with you for the recliner and a cup of hot coffee, that's were I'm at right now. My agenda for the day though is to get some more sewing done that I've been behind on. I do need to get to my craft room though, the cats basically own it right now!
Holly said…
Wow! That's super cold. It was down in the single digits here which is very unusual for us. The windchills were below zero! Sounds like a cozy spot you have there!
jennifer768 said…
I envy your place...during times such as this I miss the warmth of a wood stove.LOL! It was terrible out this morning.Love how the sewing room is turning out. Stay warm and have fun in your spot.Blessings,Jen
It is probably a good possibility that the amish have a heater inside the buggy.

stay warm.