Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CAC, SMH and a little Painting

Lately, I have been a little
Crazy About Crochet.
Trying some new things,

digging out some old patterns.

These little cuties are what spurred it on.


And some really old patterns
crochet cotton,
passed on to me from my Aunt's stash. 

Continued work on the bedspreads.

And the start of another pot holder.  

Those things take time!   
My aunt and grandmother made them all the time.
I never truly appreciated the time involved! 

And now for the 
Shaking My Head. 

We had a young woman call the shop for prices on t-shirts. 
We quoted her our standard price for 12 shirts. 
$7.50 each. 
Yesterday, we receive an email from her. 
I try to read emails in the tone that they were sent. 
This one sounded slightly sarcastic/accusatory.
However, I am really just leaning toward DUMB..
She informed us that she found the shirts at a much better price. 
10 for $100
and that furthermore, 
we were the most expensive company that she called. 

How do you respond to that?

And finally...
The Fire Truck is DONE!!!

Just in time also, because I think that this little cutie 
is almost too big for it! 
The good part is that the truck comes off the rockers and can be pushed around! 
Dad built this for him,
I painted it.  

The Moore's live on a big hill! 
Hence, the Moore Hill Fire Company! 


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I had to read the SMH part to my hubby! How funny...but sad! Hope you have a fun day my friend! Hugs!

Ann said...

Maybe that's the new math because the math I learned says your shirts are cheaper. I'm pretty sure even if I used a calculator it would still come out that yours cost less. Oh my.
Love the picture of the little guy in his fire truck.

20 North Ora said...

Hi! I am new to your blog and your newest follower. LOVE the white bedspread you're working on. That will be an heirloom for sure. That fire truck is precious. Many hours will be spent on that I'm sure.