Moments That Interrupt Worship

I had several of them yesterday. 

First of all, 
taking two boys to church on my own
while it is easier than when they were little,
is still daunting. 

Now they have to sit through part of the service.
And they fidget. 
A lot. 

I am not sure which came first. 

Tyler fells the call, 
not from God, 
the bathroom call.
It is right outside the sanctuary.
Apparently, he sings during the call. 
Not lovely praise songs, 
really loud and twangy country songs
that about the last three rows of church were hearing loud and clear 
during the pastor's prayer. 

I leave, 
open the door to the bathroom
which only makes the singing louder,
drag him back into church
shushing him all the way. 

The second jaw-dropping epiphany of the morning...
again, not really from God,
is that Bible School is only a week away!  
Honestly, I think that moved it as some cruel practical joke. 

I obsetssed. 
The backdrop needs painted, 
the decorations need up and 
oh my gosh...
what am I going to do for snacks?   

I leaned over and whispered to Shawnee,
"Is she off a week in what she is saying?"
To which Shawnee assured me
in that condescending, 
dealing with a crazy mother tone,
that no VBS is only a week away. 

I know the tone. 
I have way more years experience with it than she does! 

So, I formulate a plan,
while I am listening to the sermon
trying to find some relevance in it
to my current circumstance,
of which there is none. 

Gather the children 
and we are off to bowling. 

have a fun afternoon,
until I shuffle little boys home 
side by side ride,
ice cream, 
hot tub, 
20 more steps on the Blue Thunder Lego model
The Wizard of Oz.

And then, 
I drag out the fish. 

I did have people cut a lot of these out for me
way early in the year, 
Son Treasure Island 
was but a far in the future

And I cut and glued and drew and 
cut and glued and drew some more...
as of them morning have 304 fish. 
Another 700 or so and I will be done. 

ever the optimist, 

"Don't look it as how quick it is coming, 
look at it like you gained an extra week 
in the summer!""

I could kick him in the shins!